Hanging Wall Art

To visit my home, Rosebrook Gardens is to experience the elaborate gardens and the ever-growing beauty of the maturing landscape designs. These colors are infused into my home itself in many ways, but I feel there is no better way to embrace the colors of the gardens than with artwork.Personally, I’m attracted to mid 19th century Hudson Valley landscape-style paintings, but being somewhat of an art connoisseur any beautiful landscape painting, print or photograph can easily tempt me into considering it for my ever-growing collection.

So if you’ve invested in a few pieces of art you really love, here’s my sMARt tip for displaying wall art.

  • When hanging over furniture, such as a sofa, the art should never be longer than the width of the furniture.  My advice is to keep it about 75% of the width. 
  • For more formal spaces, hang art in symmetrical groupings; for casual spaces I prefer to use collage groupings.
  • Frames do not have to match. Mix them up for a playful twist. 
  • Keep spaces between different pieces at least 2″. 
  • Make sure the center of groupings is at eye level.

Now, that’s some advice you can “÷hang’ on to.