A Hall Closet Charging Station

A well-appointed entrance hall closet should offer many storage solutions for today’s modern families.  Coats, umbrellas, hats, scarves and of course the occasional shoes and boots all should have a convenient place to be stowed. Add a decorative tray for keys and incoming mail and now you have created a “Grand Central Station” for you, your family and guests as well.

One thing I could never seem to get organized was the ever-increasing number of electronic devices. Over the years I have collected many chargers from Blackberry to my most recent iPhone and everything in between. 

I called my professional electrician, Max, to add four new outlets to my hall closet to accommodate all these new devices. A licensed electrician can easily install a new outlet and even add dedicated circuits for your more high-end electronics. They can move or install additional outlets practically anywhere in your home, so why not a closet? The best thing about this sMARt tip solution? It’s right by the door for easy drop-off and pick-up, and it’s all out of sight in a moment. 

So now I say “May I take your coat and phone?” and everyone is getting a “charge” out of it!