Get In And Get Out

Early spring is the perfect time to jumpstart the flowering season, and what better way than a powerful display of bulbs in the garden. Here in Connecticut, as the ground begins to defrost and one gets the first smell of the rich soil, my collection of daffodils, tulips and grape hyacinths have begun to break through. I can never have enough. This is the perfect time to get back in the garden and begin to plant more. That said, you may be more familiar with planting bulbs in the fall rather than the spring. My grandmother was a master at pre-season planting. Minutes after you gave her Easter flowers, she was out in the garden in her house dress planting them.

Today, with the overwhelming selection of holiday bulb flowers available to us around Easter and Passoover, your options are endless and perfect for transplanting in the garden. I always begin my journey at the local garden center to see what’s new and take advantage of any sales they may have. Spring is the perfect time to add even more color and interest to any garden bed. Last year I expanded my front garden bed and will finally address it this year. It’s the perfect opportunity to “get in and get out” with no long gardening commitment. What do I mean? Grab an old beach towel and a flat of bulbs and begin to add the fresh colors of spring. Not to worry if old man winter decides to revisit as these newly planted bulbs will survive no matter how quickly the weather may change. You are safe. You can find real deals if you wait for the sales as bulbs that have already bloomed into flowers will be marked down.

This quick spring project does not even require a change of clothes as the idea is to stay neat and clean while kneeling on the towel. With a trowel and disposable gloves you are ready to begin. Because no wardrobe change or cleanup is required, you’ll be done in no time. Enjoy the process and the fast results. People will think you planted them in the fall. Water and enjoy them year after year.

These bulbs are perfect for this spring project:
Daffodils                    Crocus
Hyacinths                  Snowdrop 
Grape Hyacinths

Let the fresh spring cool air and sunny days motivate you to “get in and get out”.

And there you have it.