Fresh Ideas for the Laundry Room

No longer does the laundry room have to be a gloomy industrial space in the corner of the house.  Here are a few sMARt tips for how to spruce up your laundry room for cleaning duty and beyond.

Be fully functional.  Add a TV, music player, or phone to your laundry room. Provide a small table so family members can use a laptop or pay bills while waiting for a cycle to finish. No need to re-wire, just have a wi-fi system in your home if possible.

Lighten up. Proper overhead lighting should allow you to see stains clearly, so this is where decorative industrial lighting can make a big hit for form and function. Remember to switch bulbs to white light for the best results. But don’t abandon having a softer, traditional lighting source with a regular bulb, such as a table or floor lamp; this provides a warmer, pleasing light for the rest of the cycle — which will instantly make the space feel less industrial.

Look for creative storage solutions.  Instead of a cluttered jumble of boxes and bottles, create a more cohesive look. Transfer detergents from large boxes and jugs into matching decorative containers, such as apothecary or mason jars. Items such as clothespins, dryer sheets, and dryer balls can be stored this way, too.

Now that’s a fresh take on the laundry room.