Feeling Prosperous in Times of Doubt

Remember when not so long ago, things didn’t seem quite so financially turbulent or worrisome? Maybe you could afford to splurge by having dinner out at a nice restaurant or perhaps you were a regular theater devotee.

It’s not hard to get depressed in the current economic environment. But even if your bank account is less than it used to be, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your life or feel prosperous. It’s your attitude that will get you through.

So, while these suggestions aren’t going to help you get your financial house in order, they may give you a little boost to keep you going.

Take a walk or bike ride in a beautiful park or neighborhood:
Nothing soothes the psyche like the appreciation of Mother Nature. I always feel better when I can see and smell fragrant flowers and majestic trees. Beautifully cared for property (of any size) also makes me smile.

Explore Free Museums:
There are lots of free museums in both large cities and small towns. Do an online search to find the ones in your locale or destination.

Go to Five Star Hotel Bar and Have a Soda:
I love to do this. If you don’t feel you can afford to spring for dinner, go to a beautiful hotel and have a drink. Sometimes I go to my favorite hotel lobby to sit and people watch. Note: It’s important to dress well when you are patronizing a hotel you are not staying in. One would not want to be accused of loitering!

Add Throw Pillows:
If redecorating is not in your budget at the moment, consider changing or adding new throw pillows to your couch or sofa. New pillows can brighten up a room and make it look new and add a touch of casual luxury. Really nice down pillows can often be found at discount stores. Just be sure to keep them “poofed”. Poof, you may ask? Please refer to my article entitled “Please Poof After Yourself”

Coffee Talk Meetings:
Meet your friends for coffee instead of lunch or dinner. Coffee shops are great places to hang out and you can stay as long as you like. So, you never have to stay cooped up in your home. Note: Regular coffee is a lot less expensive than fancy coffee drinks. The money you save can pay for a movie.

Have Your Hair Done:
While you may feel it necessary to cut back on expensive spa services, a girl always feels better when her hair is done, so my friends tell me. For a few bucks, you can feel like a million.

Consignment and Thrift Shopping:
For those of you who simply must shop, check out local consignment and thrift stores. You never know what little treasure you might find when you’re not really looking for anything.

Nothing makes me feel prosperous more than looking at my life and feeling gratitude for all the blessings. Helping others less fortunate than you is a great way to recognize your abundance.

Finding the simple pleasures in life and being resourceful and creative, often does not require a large wallet.

And there you have it.