Easy Spring Centerpieces

As a designer (and gardener!) I always find myself thinking outside the box, and looking for inspiration and unexpected resources everywhere I go. With spring around the corner and Mother’s Day not far away, I wondered: “Why show up with cut flowers?” Especially, when your local grocery store or gardens supply can offer many wonderful gardening resources. You can create a breathtaking arrangement that is both easy and fun to make. Plus, unlike traditional flowers, they also make a wonderfully long-lasting gift. You might even find you save money in the process.

You’ll need only 3 types of vegetation: Forced flowers (be inspired by what’s available: hydrangeas grape hyacinths, roses, etc.,) small plants (such as lush ferns or ivy,) and packaged moss. That’s it.

I like to say that “The power of three can set you free.” When you combine these simple items together with some potting soil, you can create a one-of-a-kind centerpiece that is both resourceful and long-lasting.
Get ready for the  best part! After the flowers are spent, many of these plants are easily transplantable right into the garden! Double duty is economical and very Casual Luxury.

Here’s how to create your own arrangement:

  1. Find an interesting vessel to use as your container.
  2. Fill with potting soil mid way then begin to insert plants from the center out. Allow each to overlap for a lush, dense look.
  3. Add moss to cover any visible soil.
  4. Water weekly.

Enjoy it longer:

Three to four weeks after Mother’s Day, your arrangement will be looking a bit outgrown, so simply transplant the whole thing into the garden . You do this by simply inverting your container, popping out the contents, and inserting them right into the ground. How easy is that?

One-stop shopping has never been so much fun. You’ll be surprised just how resourceful you can be, and how clever you are in no time.