Daddy Things To Do

Now that Mother’s Day has passed, it’s time to turn our attention to Dad. This year what could we possibly do differently that hasn’t already been done before? And please, I beg you, let’s forgo the traditional ties, barbeque tools and polo shirts. Want to give Father’s Day a more modern twist? Not to worry, Mar is here and on the job!

If your Dad is like so many others, he’s probably working long hours, attending business meeting, golfing or lounging around the house watching his favorite game on the “Dad couch” or in “Dad’s chair”. That said, I hope my Father’s Day ideas will be perfect and totally unexpected this year.

What’s better than a card made by a child? Nothing compares with the innocence and honesty of children in expressing their creativity and telling Dad how much they love him. Mom can help the youngsters, but even at my age, a handwritten note can mean so much more than a generic card or another typical gift. I love the idea of writing a note on the mirror as we did for Mom on Mother’s Day. Sometimes what’s good for Mom is great for Dad too.

My gift suggestions will be a welcomed addition to Dad’s existing wardrobe. Pick one, or even a few. Either way, Dad will look fabulous this summer! You will want to take him everywhere.

What better way to show your Dad’s personal style than with a fabulous pair of cufflinks. With so many styles, colors and designs to choose from, one can spend a little or a lot to achieve the same look. Although, I’m not a Father, unless you consider my girl Corky (my miniature Schnauzer), which I do, cufflinks can be an unexpected gift that can be personalized to reflect any style. Every man should own several fun and professional sets provided he has the French cuff shirts to complete the ensemble. If not, consider buying the shirt too!

A Solid Color Linen Blazer 
With more and more companies going casual, men are lost as to what to wear. A solid linen blazer can be casual or more formal. Keep it a solid color so Dad never has to ask you if there is a shirt that goes with it. While there are endless choices in regard to color, you can’t go wrong with dark blue. It’s suitable for any occasion.

Pocket Square
Now that you gave Dad a MARvelous blazer it’s time to spice it up with color and texture. A pocket square is the perfect tie alternative. Any suit or sport coat that has a breast pocket is a prime candidate for the handkerchief/pocket square. A breast pocket without one appears unfinished and well, under dressed. Whether wearing a suit or jeans, a pocket square takes your outfit to another level by adding color and interest. Less expensive than the average designer tie, they make a great gift. In lieu of another boring tie, consider a pocket square as the perfect alternative men’s accessory gift item for a birthday, Father’s Day or any occasion.

  • Mar’s Handkerchief /Pocket Square Rules:
  • NEVER buy or wear as a set with a tie. 
  • When wearing with a tie, NEVER directly match it. Compliment it by choosing the dominate color or pattern.
  • Acceptable with casual or formal attire regardless if you’re wearing a tie.
  • Buy colors that compliment your sense of style and personality.
  • If you choose to monogram, NEVER let it show.
  • Should be visible no more than an inch to an inch and a half above your pocket.

Monogrammed Handkerchief 
Growing up, my Dad had a very large collection of handkerchiefs and some were even made by my Grandmother. I admired this extensive collection and thought it was always wonderful when my Dad would offer one to my Mother. First class in my book. The perfect gift and even better if you get them monogrammed.

White Bucks Shoes
The good news about buying Dad a pair of white shoes is that Memorial Day has passed and you don’t have to worry about Dad wearing them before the season begins. Ok, so this is one old fashioned rule I still live by. No, really, white bucks are perfect for giving Dad a stylish look with his jeans and or dress slacks and are great for casual Fridays at the office. Dad probably would never consider buying them for himself, precisely making them the perfect gift. Your Dad will look great wearing them as they are the perfect summer shoe. One note to you and Dad, don’t cut the grass or golf in them. I learned that the hard way. These special occasion shoes are for going out or to the office. Oh”_one last note”_.NO SOCKS REQUIRED!

Bathing Trunks 
Fathers look best in a bathing suit that fits and covers their thighs. The seventies are over and unless your dad is a professional swimmer, skip the Speedo! Trunks are available in fun patterns with pockets so they can be worn as Bermudas, aka board shorts. Dad will look great in his new suit in and out of the pool. Add his new white bucks and he’ll be ready for anything. You look cool Dad!

The Outdoor Gift
Mother Nature will always welcome a Father nature. If your Dad enjoys the great outdoors and is often working in the garden, a hammock may be just what he needs. Nothing pleases me more than to lounge around reading the paper in mine. Naps are especially delightful listening to the birds and taking in the fresh air. In no time the whole family will be using it. A gift for him with an added benefit for all!

Father’s Day is not just another time of year to buy a gift because it’s the thing to do. Just like you, I have family members and good dear friends that I truly love and are fathers . Father’s Day, is a day we should show our love not just to our own Fathers but to that special someone who has acted as a “Father” or has been there for us over the years. A good friend may be a father-figure that deserves acknowledgement. A “Fatherly Person” can and may sometimes be closer than our actual blood fathers. Fathers, mothers, children and grandparents make up this world and it’s up to us to show our love by what we do. A gift is a gift, but a “Fatherly” friend is a relationship that is both loving and supportive and will always be family to me.

And there you have it.