Creative Fish Project

I was reading a book about Feng Shui, and it mentioned goldfish as a symbol of prosperity. Although I always enjoyed fish as a child, I resisted owning them as an adult because of the maintenance involved in keeping them alive and well. Whether you’re buying fish for prosperity or fun, goldfish bring life and color into any home. Many of my friends with children have also been inspired to follow my lead. This is an excellent way to introduce an easy responsibility to children.

I went to my local pet store and purchased an inexpensive two and half gallon plastic tank for less than thirty dollars. I splurged on a larger 10-gallon filter system instead of using the pump that it came with. This would help keep the water cleaner and minimize the overall maintenance.

Here is where I broke all the rules and got creative. The norm would be to put those ugly plastic plants and colored rocks in the tank. I broke away from all that and went with something more natural and visually appealing. I used a natural native pebbles from Smith & Hawkins I broke a terra cotta pot and placed it on the bottom of the tank with other small terra cotta pots and some natural small rocks — veritable boulders to the fish. This looks so much better and I believe the fish appreciate the look too. Ten months later, they are still alive and healthy. Here are some simple steps to assure you that you too will enjoy fish in your life:

All types of small tanks are now available from 2 å_ to 10 gallons. This comes complete with a light, pump and filter system. Find the aquarium that’s right for you and your family. Realize that for this project you will only be using the tank and the lighting system. Contrary to what most people think, gold fish do not need an air pump system. This was new information for me, so I was excited that there was one less item to worry about. Ask for assistance when it comes to purchasing a stronger filter system for your aquarium. Any pet store specializing in fish can help recommend a filter that would work best.

Rinse your tank and get rid of any dust and debris.

Find that perfect place to enjoy and view all of the serenity that fish have to offer. See that you have enough space between the wall and the back of the tank to fit your filter and to allow easy access when needed.

Add your gravel after rinsing it in a kitchen colander for best results. Place all gravel and decorations into the tank. Fill with water å_ way. If there are no leaks, fill your tank.

Install your filter system according to the manufacturer’s directions. Do not plug your filter in at this time.

Fill the tank with water and turn on the filter. Wait until the tank water has remained stable for at least 24 hours before adding your goldfish.

Don’t over feed your goldfish. Like many humans, whatever you feed them, they will eat it. This can ultimately kill them. My recommendation is to feed once a day. A good measure is no more than the size of a penny in the palm of your hand which will vary depending on the number of fish. Find a gourmet flake blend. I use Wardley Total Goldfish Food. This does not cloud the water. I have heard of goldfish living as long as seven years, but because of improper care, most die within a few months. I’m proud to say my goldfish just reached 10 months in good health — keep your fingers crossed — only 6 years and 2 months to go!

Keeping the water clean is easy when you have Acurel-F. This product will keep your aquarium water crystal clear and will improve the efficiency of most aquarium filters. It is available at any pet store specializing in fish. Professionals know that using this product daily will assist filtration and keep a crystal clear environment for your fish. If you use an excessive amount, the water may become a natural peaty brown for a few days. This is not harmful and will eventually disappear, so next time use a lesser amount. This is safe to use because it is made from organic extracts from renewable natural resources. All you need is 2-4 drops per gallon of water and within an hour or more the water will become crystal clean.

And there you have it.