Corky’s Life With MAR

One upon a time there was a beautiful little Schnauzer (me) that was born with high hopes for a wonderful and meaningful life. Entering this earthly realm, I pondered who my parents would be. I chose a man known only as MAR. No “k”. No “sley”. No other letters to follow this unusual name. So, with Venus booked and Pluto entirely too far, Mar’s was perfect. He thinks he chose me, but the fact is that, I chose him. Ok, it helped that I was cute.

So, while he contemplated the idea of me, I was being taken care of by my Mother in East Hampton on Long Island in New York. Mar searched far and wide and finally found me from an ad in the New York Times. I was the runt of the liter but as we all know, good things come in small packages. Truth be told, I was also the prettiest. Mar likes pretty things and I think he was attracted initially to my beauty and the fact that I was so small. The attraction to my intelligence would come later.

The moment arrived, Mar was finally notified that I would become his pet. I was nine weeks old when he finally came to get me. At six months Mar promised to have me spayed and to send the papers proving he had complied with the request. I often wonder what it would have been like to have had some babies, but I have such a fabulous and full life with Mar that I have no regrets. It was the right thing to do!

Getting me home wasn’t so easy. I was a bit nervous and shaky leaving the only home I had never known. Please excuse my frankness, but I could not stop pooping. Mar was wonderful and understanding. I could tell what he was thinking, “oh my God, is this a sign of what’s to come”? Luckily it was just my nerves and apparently a bad lunch. His gentle nature and kind demeanor are what reassured me and we made it back to Connecticut in a clean car.

Weston, Connecticut would become my new home. Boy was I excited, that is, until the moment I saw a crate. Bars…prison…that’s all I could think of. I know he thought he was doing the right thing because he had all the right and appropriate paraphernalia for a new puppy, but I was not about to cooperate. I was hoping it was all a bad dream but sure enough later that night, he put me in the darn crate. I started to cry. I couldn’t help it. I felt so alone and I missed my Mother and my home with my brothers and sisters. Hours passed and I could not stop weeping. Finally around 3:00 AM, feeling sorry for me, Mar brought me to his bed. I will always love him for that. Magically, I felt fine and went right to sleep. We have slept together ever since. Who knew that all that crying would get me an upgrade in accommodations?

I didn’t even mind when he put me in the bathroom the next morning when he had to go out for his morning paper and coffee. There was lots of light and a few toys to play with. I knew somehow it was going to be temporary… and that I would be snuggling with Mar that night and every night thereafter. What I didn’t know was that he was currently working from home for three months and we would have lots of time to bond and fall in love. Mar took me with him everywhere he could, wrapped up in his coat. Close to his chest, I could feel his heartbeat. We ran around town doing errands and he even took me to some movies. “Shhhhhhhhhhh”, he would say to me, “not a peep”. Somehow I just knew to be quiet. I liked being in the car with Mar. I didn’t care where we went as long as he didn’t leave me home alone in that bathroom. And that’s the way it is today. When I’m in a car, I know that whomever I’m with will be back. When I’m at home… I usually take a nap or watch the squirrels.

Mar and I moved to Westport shortly thereafter. Our landlord in Weston didn’t like pets. Grrrrrrrrr! Apparently he didn’t like dogs even though he failed to put a “no pets” clause in the lease. We decided to move back to Mar’s old stomping ground. We found a cozy little place that Mar refers to today as the “love shack”. It was only 500 square feet but it had a large and wonderful yard for me to play in and explore. There was even a park nearby where I could run free. It was here that Mar began my training and education. Even though I learned many commands straight away, Mar was a strict disciplinarian and I took my lessons very seriously. Truth be told, I’m very intelligent and a quick study! Mar is quite the proud “Father” and I am, almost… most of the time, the obedient child. That is, unless there is food around!

After a couple of years there, just like the Jefferson’s, we moved on up. Mar bought a home that he named “Rosebrook Gardens”. No longer confined to a bathroom, this place was Disney Land to me with lots of rooms to meander in and a fenced-in yard where I could do my “doggy” things. You know, sniff around, chase the birds, bark at the folks going by or just lay in the sun on a chaise.

I know what you’re thinking…lay in the sun on a chaise? You’ve got to be kidding, right?… you’re a dog. Oh my dears, I have human friends too numerous to count. And while it’s true that I have my four-legged friends, I would much rather be with my people friends who offer road trips, rides in convertibles, food for silly and simple dog tricks, not to mention petting and adulation. What do I get from other dogs? Ticks and fleas, thank you very much. Besides, I have a reputation to think of and my audience!

Life is good and although I wasn’t looking for it, I have found fame and with it, responsibility. I make regular appearances on The Mar Jennings Home & Garden Show and I can be seen anytime on Mar’s website.

Lucky for me though, with Mar’s busy schedule, he shares me with his next door neighbor and best friend, Barbara. Days go by while I’m at Barbara’s having play dates and seeing other friends. Mar tells me that people stop by and ask for me but I’m next door. Barbara loves me like I was her own dog. She would love a dog of her own but her extensive traveling schedule makes it impossible. Bad for her..good for me! I spend most weekends with Barbara and she spoils me terribly. Mar also shares me with his other good friend, Geri, although she usually stays with me when Mar is away. She stops by to take me for drives in her fabulous little convertible. I just love to have the wind blowing through my whiskers! Mar tells folks all the time about his “shared dog” arrangement and for those who feel that you cannot have a dog due to your schedule, you might consider this shared dog option. It’s a clever idea and it works for me! It’s like having a weekend getaway every weekend. You can even split the expenses if you choose. Did I fail to mention double the treats, gifts and attention! So even though I’m shared, I get twice the love and that’s good for all of us.

So, while I have many aunties and girlfriends, I have only one Daddy. I love my Daddy and he loves me. My Daddy has always taken exceptionally good care of me. He also has the good sense to recognize my personality and takes me to the “beauty parlor” as he calls it..not the traditional groomer. The groomer always wants to give me an old lady cut, for my “breed” as she calls it. But it doesn’t fit my spunky personality. Now a puppy cut, that’s more like it. It suits me and makes me feel pretty. Cuts years off too! Too bad they don’t have a kiddy cut for adults.

I know one day when I’m gone, Mar will start over with a new dog. Take my advice and follow his strategy: take the time to train your dog well. The time you spend training your dog will make a huge difference in the kind of life you can have with your dog. I am more like a child than a dog. Mar has been diligent and consistent in my training and it has paid off. And he has rewarded me for my good behavior. I am welcomed where ever he goes… charity affairs, clubs and even the best restaurants in town… in my fashionable carry case, of course. No matter. What dog do you know who has this fabulous life?

Life on Mar’s is pretty good. But remember, Mar’s mine…take a number!

And there you have it.