Color smart

As a professional lifestyle expert and designer, I’m often asked by my clients when to go lighter with room color and when to go darker. This smart Tip is all about when to use light versus dark shades to make the most of any room.
In general, the smaller the room, the lighter the color.

To open up a room that appears small and dark, using shades of cream or light gray can quickly create an airy and open look.

Large rooms that seem sterile and cold can benefit from deeper shades of gray or brown; this helps highlight interesting architectural details, making for a more cozy and intimate space.

Now, what shades work best? You will always get the most relaxing and comfortable colors when you pull from Mother Nature’s palette, as she offers many cues for divine inspiration.

Benjamin Moore was on to this, as seen in this ad from 1953. The colors were shown as trendy for the era, but it’s a timeless example of using nature’s hues. What do we learn from this? The classics are always hip; Mother Nature would agree.