Choosing the Right Area Rug

Area rugs offer both protection and style to hardwood flooring.  But knowing how to use them to their best advantage can often be a secret that only the professionals know.  Here are a few sMARt tips to keep in mind.

Most people think of throw rugs as a replacement for wall-to-wall carpeting; this is the biggest error. Rugs are accent pieces, not function pieces. They should provide interest to your furniture placement. 

Know how big to go? Choose the right size based on furniture placement.  Most of the furniture should be on the rug, not off. The rule of thumb is 6-12 inches of floor showing beyond the rug.

When patterned and when not? Use dark colors and patterns on blended fabrics for dining areas to cover spills and foot traffic, and light colors and natural fibers for areas that have low traffic.  

How to use an area rug as a room divider? One big carpet makes it one big room. Divide and conquer using area rugs — even over existing wall-to-wall. Using area rugs to define individual spaces is a great way to transition from one room to another.