Cabinet Space Solutions

Just about everyone could use a little extra cabinet space without having to do a whole kitchen remodel, right?  Follow these sMARt tips for an even sMARter functioning kitchen space.

  • Add moveable units.  Wheel-able carts not only increase storage space, but they’re a great way to add”Òor take away”Òworkspace as needed.
  • Customize your pantry with stackable shelves, which can double the space for smaller food items like soups and tea.  Also, consider moving everyday items like pasta, kid’s snacks, and doggie treats out of the pantry and onto the countertop and into simple glass jar containers.
  • Recruit unexpected pieces of furniture for storage, even from another room.  I have a wonderful old barn wood armoire that holds everything from plates to glasses.  Don’t be afraid to reuse repurpose and reuse something old in a new modern way.
  • Remember that your kitchen is designed for cooking and socializing.  So, if needed, eliminate the junk drawer, and refrain from using the kitchen as an office for bills, junk mail, homework assignments or odds and ends.

With these storage solutions, you’ll enjoy your new space”_even more because  it’s space you already have.