The Bumble Bee Summer Cocktail

As summer heats up, we often spend more time outside with family and friends enjoying the wonderful weather. I created this incredibly easy summer drink to help cool down from those hot summer days.
Perfect for any occasion, this delicious “Bumble Bee” cocktail will have you coming back for more. Serves one to six people.

    • 1 pitcher half filled with ice
    • 1 bottle of French style lemonade (assorted varieties available). I prefer the pink.
    • 1/2 bottle of sparkling water. I prefer San Pellegrino.
    • 1 lemon or lime sliced into thin rounds


  • 1 cup Vodka. This amount may be adjusted to your own personal taste.

A little Vodka (one cup) offers a lovely “buzz”. But “bee” careful, a little too much, and you just might get “stung”!

Whatever you choose” this is a tasty summer drink that will keep you cool, refreshed and relaxed.

And there you have it.