10 Last Minute Halloween Costumes

With Halloween right around the corner, you might find yourself invited to a party and need a clever last minute costume. But, who has time to run out to the store and rummage around the picked-over remains of party supply stores?
Be resourceful. There are a lot of costumes that can be pulled together using items you probably already own. I am proud to have my brother’s U.S. Marine dress uniform. I’m also proud to say, I still fit into it! Use what you have and a little ingenuity. Here are a few costume ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  1. Cloudy with a Chance of Rain: This costume consists of a blue or white shirt, cotton balls and a plant mister or squirt gun. Affix the cotton balls to the shirt and when someone asks you what you are, spritz them and say: “Cloudy with a chance of rain!”
  2. Ceiling Fan: Here you need a shirt you won’t mind writing on and a magic marker. Write the words, “Go Ceiling!” or Hurray for Ceilings!” When someone inquires as to the meaning, tell him or her you are a ceiling fan.
  3. Moving Target: This is another simple costume that transforms a T-shirt into a costume with the stroke of a pen. Draw a target symbol on the front of an old shirt and call yourself a “moving target.” Alternatively, use the logo from an old Targetå¨ bag.
  4. Sexy Ghost: Halloween is the time to bring out your wild side. Take that old bedsheet ghost costume to the next level, by wearing your bathing suit or other sexy attire over the sheet.
  5. Static Cling: This costume requires you to wear ordinary street clothes. Then tape, or pin socks and dryer sheets to the outside of your clothing. Voila! You are static cling personified.
  6. Baby in Pajamas: Want something that is comfortable, easy and fun? Dress up in your coziest jammies. Do your hair in pigtails. Tie a makeshift bib around your neck using a kitchen towel. Wear your slippers! Pull a lollipop out of the Halloween candy bowl and ham it up!
  7. Chef: You don’t need a toque to look like a chef. An apron with a few handy kitchen tools is all you need to look the part. Grab a cookie sheet and spatula or pot and ladle as great chef accessories.
  8. Librarian: Have a pair of glasses and a stack of books? Poof, you’re a librarian. Ham it up a bit more with a super tidy hairdo and pencil skirt. Put a pencil behind your ear. Remember to shush those who dare raise their voices in your “÷library’, and scowl at people who talk above a whisper.
  9. Risky Business: Old movies can be great inspiration for last minute costumes. A pair of sunglasses, tailored shirt, and white socks can be a great costume — and really risquÌ©, so don’t forget the tightie whities.
  10. Toga: Keep the college frat party spirit alive with this classic costume. Tie a sheet over one shoulder and poof; you are a living the Greek life. If you are feeling really adventurous create a laurel wreath from the branches and leaves that you have in your yard.

These are super simple costumes that you bring to life with your ingenuity and personality. Do not let your ideas be limited to this list. Let these options be a launching point for your own brainstorming. Really have fun with being resourceful, as you look around your house for great, last minute Halloween costumes. Share what you came up with, and inspire us all right back.