1 Sofa, 3 Looks

Tired of that old sofa, but can’t bear to part with it just yet? Here are three fabulous looks that can transform any old or tired sofa; each of them simple and budget-friendly. Time to make something old into something new and inviting again. Pick a look you love and get started!

1. Traditional

Add classic throw pillows for a fresh new look and feel. For the pillows, choose from solid nature-inspired colors. Go with either all warm (such as ivory, rusty red, chocolate) or cool (such as taupe, sea-blue, leafy greens). For the most professional look, include bold patterns and textures, just choose from the same color palette. For an additional custom designer touch and added visual interest, cinch two pillows together; use a cotton or silk ribbon that matches the original sofa color, cinch the pillows together at their “waist,” and tie in a bow, double-knotted; cut off excess ribbon. Place the pillows evenly along the length of the sofa, then angle all the pillows to face the doorway (where your guests will see them front-on).

2. Modern

Less is more. This look is all about crisp shapes and clean lines, with perhaps a punch of graphic detail. Start by updating the sofa itself by using a cotton monochromatic area rug or throw as a partial slipcover: drape it, starting at the back of the sofa, tuck it into the space between the back and bottom cushions, and then over the seating area. Remove older, existing throw pillows and replace with firmer, clean-patterned pillows in a monochromatic palette. Avoid bright shades; instead, concentrate on colder, winter tones, like steels, grays, cloud-like silvers, and misty blues. Limit them to no more than four for a sofa and two for a love seat. If desired, replace one of the new pillows with a graphic print in the same color palette.

3. Destination Theme

Create a new look for your sofa by basing the new design on inspiration from a destination or location — ocean, jungle, orient, Paris, beach, etc. Combine multi-colored, textured and patterned pillows to create different looks and feels. To choose them, think of how to capture the essence of the destination; you do not need to be literal. For example, if you choose Paris, you do not have to find a pillow decorated with the Eiffel Tower. Instead, think of what would remind you of the destination. For example, if going for a jungle theme, look for and combine zebra and leopard patterns, pony hide, earth colors, leaf patterns, and large-scale woven fabrics.