Anyone speak BARK?

A full week of appearances and lectures throughout Connecticut and Miss Violet was right there next to me. Now 16 weeks old and still growing, Violet is using her voice quite a bit these days and I’m referring to it as the “terrible twos.” She has officially earned her nickname as “barkenheimer.” “Bark, bark, bark, bark, look at me, I’m here, bark, bark, bark, look at me I’m over here now” and the ever-so-often “bark, bark, bark let me in that bathroom or else!” Violet does not discriminate. Barking at the UPS man, the FedEx man, the mailman, the neighbors, the birds and even the closet door for being shut. (Who knows what she wants in there, but you remember the underwear situation right?) But wait there is more: the vacuum, the housekeeper, and my mother when she calls. I know she is telling me something each and every time but for now, I just need to guess. Everything is new and I can see expressions in her face that she did not have before. I send off weekly photos of Violet as a progress report to friends and family and recently I was told that I should go into the pet photography business and I have a knack for this. It must be the model. Truth be told, I love taking photos of Violet’s progress as I’m sure one day they will end up in one of my books, but for now I post them proudly on my web site for all you to enjoy.

This week, although exciting, also offered a low on Wednesday as I took the day to remember my dear friend Edward who passed 4 years ago. This man had a profound effect on my life and I’m sure I’m not the only one to say that we still miss you so. Violet never met Edward but Corky was a big part of Edward’s life as she transformed him from a cat person into someone who loved a miniature schnauzer. Both have passed and I’m left with a void and a mark on my heart that will forever remind me that, once there was a man named Edward who became my mentor, devoted friend, and confidant whose encouragement guided me to live my dreams. His short but forever meaningful life will forever live in our hearts. My dreams take me back but my days remind me that he lived, he laughed, he passed, touching us all along the way.

Violet has many wonderful characteristics just like Corky, and this last Sunday I posted an article about Corky’s finals days. Just like Edward, we all knew when it was the right time and we let her go with dignity. So, my friends, my life has changed and with change comes some of the most rewarding and fulfilling things that have happened to me. I’m surrounded by amazingly talented people and of course Violet– so the best has yet to come.

I finished the week in New York on Friday, interviewed by Mario Bosquez from The Martha Stewart Living Radio Show on Sirius Satellite. I brought with me my CEO Paul Mitchell and his 19-year-old nephew Chris who was visiting from Kelowna, Canada. What a great additional outing for him to join me in New York and witness the behind the scenes of a live radio show. Chris is just as amazing as Paul as he is good looking, talented, and fun to be around. I was delighted to be part of his New York City iconic experience when he was here. That said, Chris also took a moment to show me some of his photographs that he has taken and I must say, WOW! What a sensational eye and I’m sure he will be successful at whatever he decides to do, but I’m hoping he chooses photography as I could see him light up when he was talking about his photos.

We arrived early at Sirius as you can never be so sure if you will catch a taxi when it is raining in the city. We took that time to sit in the waiting area and people watch. When it was time for me to go into the studio Lauren came and walked us over. I could see Chris taking it all in. We all put on our headsets and I was introduced by my buddy Mario. What a great guy! What fun it was as the callers kept calling from all over the US and Canada to ask gardening questions. I apologize that time didn’t allow me to get to all your questions, but I’ll be back again. I posted this on Twitter and Facebook along with MSO’s web site and it was less than a minute when the callers began. If you’re on Facebook or Twitter make sure and “friend” me or “follow” me for all the latest updates as I can do this right from my iPhone at a moments notice. Where was Miss Violet? In the apartment, as lately she can’t be trusted to be quiet!

This weekend is back to Connecticut with Barbara my former Westport neighbor and now my New York (down the hall) neighbor. Lot’s of playing with Violet and some well-deserved rest and some gardening to be done. The best part is that Violet will be watching and Barbara will make me one of her fabulous grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch.

I will post a wonderful photo of Mario and me in the studio but I will lead this blog with a photo of Violet as I believe everyone wants to see her progress, that said, we will all take second billing. Here is Violet posing with little effort on my part. Ok, so the apple does not fall far from the tree; she is definitely my daughter.