Alien Invasion: MARtians Takeover The Chelsea in Fairfield

A popular eatery in the town of Fairfield was the scene of a recent alien invasion. Initially, the alien intentions were not clear. After brief talks with the locals, and the owner of the establishment, it was discovered that my MARtians wanted their MARTV! And, they got it!

What an exciting way to watch the latest and greatest episode of “Life on Mar’s: The Home Makeover Show.” Social media was at its best as I Tweeted, Facebooked and Instagrammed my followers – and the entire public – an invitation to meet up at The Chelsea in Fairfield, CT.

Happily, the invitation went viral. We ended up with a packed house. MARtians began landing around 12:30 p.m., and within an hour of the show’s start, we needed more space in the bar area. With our stealthy alien powers, and a great deal of politeness and patience, we managed to invade the bar and restaurant completely – but it was not a hostile takeover.

Peace between Earthlings and MARtians was reached immediately. Everyone was excited to see our show and happily made room for all the MARtians. Pretty soon it was time to tune in to ABC and turn up the volume. All eyes were on MAR‘s.

As Yvonne’s old kitchen was demolished we cheered, as if our home team made the finals. We laughed, as we watched me underestimate my own strength, as I pulled the old cabinetry right off the wall. We cried as a setback in the final kitchen makeover threatened to ruin everything, and finally we cheered once more, as Team MAR saved the day.

When the show was over, we all agreed that it was a wonderful invasion. Thank you to all the MARtians who joined us to enjoy the kitchen makeover of “Life on Mars: The Home Makeover Show,” and thanks to the owners and staff of The Chelsea. Please share your questions about the show, about my Casual Luxury tips or anything else that is on your mind. Use the hashtag, #MARTV

Where will my MARtians invade next? Watch the skies and stay tuned.

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