Al Fresco

September is the month to take dining al fresco to a whole new level – and to have the excuse to throw on a favorite sweater while lingering outside, too! For me, September represents cooler days and nights. With Autumn officially only days away, the garden begins to provide us with examples of the rich, deep colors that will soon embody the season.

Lots of folks think of this time as the “end” of summer, but I look around and see rebirth, as it were. Many wonderful late-blooming flowers begin to emerge for the very first time. Such plantings as the Montauk Daisy, Autumn Star Clematis, Black Eyed Susan, Phlox, and Coneflower are among the many that capture my heart. And, of course, I’m a sucker for the beauty of the continuous re-blooming of the many Hydrangea varieties. This sets the stage for experiencing outdoor dining; even though it might feel like there is a chill in the air you can make it a “cooler” way to entertain.

I like to be casual and resourceful. My wicker chargers and placemats become the foundation for my cabbage leaf dinner plates. Instead of the bright flowers of summer, decorative garden twig balls line the table, while faux moss nods to the surroundings of Mother Earth. We are embraced by my wisteria covered pergola, so dining al fresco at Rosebrook Gardens means never being without great resources and good friends, all while being encapsulated by lush vegetation, cascading vines and soft candlelight.

Sharing a late summer dinner this way is as much a part of me as playing in the dirt. Now that the seasons start to transition, I embrace and capture each moment by inviting guests to dine and experience it with me – and to enjoy these comfortable, cooler temperatures! Grab a sweater and meet me under the stars, as dining “Al Fresco” is open to all. Bon appétit my MARtians!