A Tasty Cameo

I love going to the movies, and this week I shot a cameo that will actually be IN a movie! That’s right, Mar Jennings is now also a paid actor in an independent film called Janie Charismanic, produced by Judith Studios, the producers of the award-winning film I Hate Tom Petty.

The lead character, Janie, is a rocker with a personal mania for life who expresses it through music. Her travels show her nontraditional character and set the background for a traditional romance until Chad, a former boyfriend, arrives bringing parts of her past with him.

When I received a call from my agent asking me to participate, we quickly reworked my schedule to accommodate the production.

Once the Director and Producer heard that I accepted the part they quickly rewrote the script, upgraded the part, and made it a speaking role. I went from a silent waiter to the Maitre d’ with lines.

The scene is set in a fancy restaurant, so I escort Janie to her table where she meets up with her date. I say a few lines, take her wine glass and then do my character’s “job”–moving from table to table checking on my “patrons.” The crew knew I would be perfect for the part, and I did not even have to audition. A well-dressed Maitre d’ who tends to his guests –who better to play the role than a TV host and lifestyle expert who is no stranger to hosting large parties? And even if the role had remained the non-speaking waiter I would have been just as proud to be part of the movie, but I guess I would have to have titled this week’s blog “Just Wait.”

Being no stranger to a set, I felt right at home and apparently it showed on camera, too. When they said “roll camera” and “action!” I did not fumble my lines or miss a step. From the TV screen to the big screen – I got the “bug” and I did not even have to go into the garden to get it.

Stay tuned, as I will keep you posted when the movie is released.