A Casual Luxury TransforMARtion

Happy Friday, MARtians!

I thought I would share my recent pet project. Clients in Norwalk hired me for a bathroom renovation in the Casual Luxury style. It turned out beautifully, and the clients were so inspired. Before you know it, they had added several new projects to the original scope of work.

My biggest and proudest feature of this home transformation was the exterior upgrades. My Casual Luxury philosophy and approach was the recipe for this transformation, as seen here in the before and after photos.

Look carefully: see if you can find all the new details. Each on its own could be insignificant, but taken together revolutionized the façade and overall feel of the home’s design quality. Some of the many details you might have noticed: the custom corbels, custom designed railings, new gutters, glorious light post and brand new landscaping. What else?

Custom paint colors were created by yours truly. The garage addition initially elongated the look of the home. To provide a more pleasing proportion, I broke up the mass and defined it as a separate-looking space. I accomplished this by adding board and batten to the exterior. With the final touch of a bold, barn red, this is a ‘big bang for your buck’ improvement. I further defined the front façade by bumping forward the dining room (the first window to the left of the garage) and extending the shed roofline. This gave the house a beautifully defined entrance.

The overgrown landscaping was removed and new plantings were installed to highlight the unique stone and bay window area. One of my favorite details was adding stunning working shutters. They were customized from Shuttercraft out of Madison, CT. Coleen and her team of experts worked with me and the homeowners to get a distinct design. There’s nothing better than real working shutters on a home. And don’t forget the added jewel to the overall transformation – the brand new quality shutter hardware.

What’s better than this exterior? The owners themselves. Such aMARzing collaborators and truly terrific people. So truly glad I had the opportunity to work with them.

I hope you agree that these all add together to make a big impact and that you learned a little bit about how Casual Luxury is the cure for all design dilemmas. Anyone feel inspired?

As always, MARtians,

Keep it Casual!