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Tiffany & Co. Is famous for delightful objects and jewelry delivered in their famous blue box. But did you know that although the brand is associated with big-city elegance, the creator of the brand, Louis Comfort Tiffany , felt a deeper...
Happy Sunday MAR tians! I am thrilled that the weekend is upon us. I had a fabulous weekend kick-off planned and can't wait to tell you how I spent my Friday. It was legendary--in that everything brought me up close and personal with legendary...
Life on Mar’s has truly taken a cinematic turn with the exciting revelation of our third Emmy®-nomination ! Shout out to Paul Mitchell, Christopher Panton, Lauren Bové, Eddie Nowicki, Mary Bishop, Meghan Russell, the O'Kanes and...
When Spring arrives so do guests and visitors. How's your home's first impression? It is one of the most neglected areas of our homes, the front door area. Entrances mean a lot to any home’s overall design. The entrance of the home is...
One of the biggest challenges in designing and selling a home and space is giving it life. This is exemplified when you are dealing with a new home and of course one for sale. Today I added a little sizzle with an exciting photo shoot--and it was a...
sMARt Tips
I love my lawn and the scale of it. While having a fabulous large lawn can be beautiful and increase the value on your home, the cost is high in both to the wallet and, as it becomes more and more a topic of discussion, the environment. Owning a mower, the toxic emissions, fertilizers, pesticides, water consumption and let’s not forget about the...Read more
Happy Friday MAR tians! I want to share with your an event coming up that I am really excited about. It is still in the planning stages, so I'm just putting a save the date message out there. You might be thinking about candy from the title, but...
“In your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it, You'll be the grandest lady in the Easter parade. I'll be all in clover and when they look you over, I'll be the proudest fellow in the Easter parade. On the avenue, Fifth Avenue...
If of thy mortal goods thou art bereft, And from thy slender store, two loaves alone to thee are left, Sell one, and with the dole Buy hyacinths to feed thy soul. —Saadi Shirazi Hello MAR tians! Smell the air outside. The earth is warming up...
Hello and Happy Friday MAR tians!! Yesterday was a big deal for the MARTV team and me. As you know, we are filming the second season of “Life on Mar’s: The Home Makeover Show.” In order to bring you compelling content, we seek out...
Hello MAR tians!! If you have peeked outside your window or dipped a toe outside the front door lately, you may have noticed sure signs of seasonal change. Spring has arrived early for sure this year (and then seemed to disappear for a few days...
sMARt Tips
There is nothing more exciting than watching the snow melt away to uncover the early signs of rebirth, renewal, and regrowth. Any good gardener will tell you that it's all about planning. Much like the fashion industry, you're always one season ahead. So, here are my s MAR t tips to jumpstart your spring season. Visit garden shops and home...Read more
Lights, awards, action! I'm incredibly fortunate to be able to say I am no stranger to award ceremonies and red carpet events; however, last night’s “The 2017 Douglas Elliman Awards” was surprisingly new and exciting to me. The...
Howdy, my MAR tians! Since you're a MAR tian, you already know my hit TV series "Life on Mar's: The Home Makeover Show" is out of this world. Did you know: now it's available around the world, too? It's true. "Life on...
I am thrilled to be able to share some of the behind the scenes progress for season two of “Life on Mar’s: The Home Makeover Show.” My good friend and area artist, Joe Malfettone, is designing some fantastic, new title animations!...
February may be one of the coldest months outside, but inside it is one of the warmest. This month means many things to many people. To some, it is synonymous with Valentine's Day. It is also Black History Month and let's not forget (...
Hello MARtians TGIF! No matter where I am, I am always looking for the next big thing. Little did I know, the next big thing is not big at all. Lately, small is replacing oversized, overdone and out of scale when it comes to living spaces and designs. Truth be told, my focus for season two of “Life on Mar’s: The Home Makeover Show” is transforming six smaller homes with big style, big designs, and big visual impact. You will love it!
What a scene it was to be seen at the Global Scenic Services located in Bridgeport, Connecticut. If you’re not familiar with Global Scenic Services, think again. This company is the mastermind of the beautiful settings and backdrops for events...
They say it's winter, but here in my part of Connecticut it might as well be early spring. With temperatures hovering around 50 degrees these last two weeks it's hard to imagine Old Man Winter blowing snow around and freezing icicles anytime...
My fellow MARtians, There is a lot of change sweeping the country right now, and as always with change comes the need for reflection.
The third Monday of January is always Martin Luther King Jr. Day. This year it will be observed on this coming Monday, the 15th. On days such as this I always take the opportunity to reflect inwardly and outwardly. After all, Socrates famously...
Hello and Happy Friday MAR tians! If you don’t already know, "Life on Mar’s" has been renewed for a second season. I guess those Emmy® nominations were somewhat helpful. I have been very hands-on with this new season and...
sMARt Tips
Although it is wintertime, there is gardening work to be done. That said, who doesn’t love wisteria? The endless blooms in the spring can blanket their canopy over a terrace, balcony or pergola. They are so delicately intoxicating and whimsical, especially when fluttering in a soft spring breeze. To get that look there is work to be done...Read more
Design Details
From Drabulous to Fabulous: A Recap My six core design principles are truly the cure for all design dilemmas. These Casual Luxury principles did not come to me in a dream. I did not glean them from other designers. I came to these design principles through trial and error, my genetic predisposition, and intuition. I hope the results inspire...Read more
Happy Friday MARtians! I hope this particular Friday has you in great post-holiday spirits and ready for the New Year!
It's A Dog's Life
Everyone loves the holidays, and our dogs and cats can't help but get caught up in how excited we are. The good cheer, the holiday decorations and all the guests that will soon arrive are easy to get caught up in. That said, there is no reason this shouldn't be a joyous season for pets as well.Read more
Hey MAR tians! Every year I do a fun poem; this year it's to thank and support my team members in the Real Estate business. (And it's more fun when you sing along...ready?) Thanks to everyone at Douglas Elliman (D.E.); it's been such a...
It’s a parent’s tried and true boredom killer and just plain fun for everyone. The I Spy game has been around forever, and it never fails to please young and old. This week’s, “Happy Friday Blog” features just such a...
Out and About
Gift time can leave the cleverest of us at a loss for something new and unique to present. Need a good, safe, always appreciated gift? Just about everyone loves to receive a fabulous bottle of wine or champagne during the holidays. The problem is how do you make that perfect bottle stand out and look special? Too often your nice bottle, as a...Read more
sMARt Tips
At a loss during gift giving times? You are not alone! The holidays are never far away, and they seem to be coming closer and closer together lately. People can be incredibly difficult to buy for, especially that man who has everything. Everyone knows at least one guy or gal who has it so together; it makes buying a token of appreciation a full-on...Read more
12 Days of Elfmas Happy Friday, MAR tians! If you follow my posts and blogs for even a couple of weeks, you know I love to be playful. This is especially true around the holidays. That’s why you will notice on all my social media channels that...
Happy Friday MAR tians! I feel lighter than air and ready for the holiday happenings. Want to know why? I’ve purged baby, purged. Right after Thanksgiving I got a bee in my bonnet to get the clutter under control in my house. The thought of...
Happy Friday, MARtians! Tick tock, tick tock! I’ve been steadily working away at making sure next spring is as glorious as last spring here at Rosebrook Gardens.
With all this beautiful weather and so much in the news, you might have forgotten, MAR tians: Thanksgiving is mere weeks away! Not to worry. I have your back with these tips for getting a head start on planning . Plan your centerpiece. A stunning...
sMARt Tips
Ever find yourself in a pinch when wrapping a small gift box? Cutting scraps off of larger wrapping paper can be a chore because you try to not take away what you might need for larger gifts.Read more
Hello MAR tians! Does just the thought of the holidays have you in a holly daze? Never fear. With my four-season garden and Casual Luxury design philosophy, every time of year has its own decorating challenges—and boy do I love a challenge...
It’s finally done and completed. My kitchen and home renovation has come to an end. Truth be told, I would love to spill the beans and show it all off, but my producers are making me limit the photos so as not to spoil the big reveal. So I...
sMARt Tips
What: Mar Jennings Holiday Design Lecture When: Sat Nov 5, 2016 at 2:00pm Where: 75 Church Lane, Westport, CT Ready to create your Casual Luxury holiday home? Join Mar at his interactive, energetic and informative holiday talk. You’ll learn how to: Use Mar’s 6 core design principals—which work in any home, with any style...Read more
I’m so excited about this weekend, MAR tians! I am proud to be a judge in Fairfield’s Dancing With the Stars Event—A Chance to Dance. Sorry, tickets are already sold out, but I’ll be sure to keep you updated about the event...
Happy Friday! It has been a busy and productive week here at MAR tian HQ. This weekend is also going to be a busy one. I’ve left very little time for play within all the work I have to accomplish. Whew! Lots more going on from my a MAR zing...
Tonight is pizza night. Normally I’m already thinking about which toppings to choose, should I pick whole wheat crust or regular thin crust…and which wine would be a nice accompaniment? Rosé or Chianti? Tonight is different. I’m...
Happy Friday MAR tians! I believe that if you think life is a bowl of cherries, then it is. Therefore, when bad things happen—and they do—I do not wallow, blame others or let it get me down. I take those cherries (or lemons in this case...
Hello and Happy Friday MAR tians! Gratitude is my word of the week. MAR' s is abuzz with a recent development, and I’ve had an a MAR zing week with this exciting news. My brand is about the very best things in life and lifestyle. Lately,...
Happy Friday MAR tians! I thought I would share my recent pet project. Clients in Norwalk hired me for a bathroom renovation in the Casual Luxury style. It turned out beautifully, and the clients were so inspired. Before you know it, they had added...
Happy long weekend Friday MAR tians! Being British-descended and having been inspired by Saville Row, I have always wondered what it would be like to have my own proper shop. M y personal store would be fabulous. It would be filled with Casual...
It’s National Dog Day, MAR tians! If you haven’t already heard, today is the special day set aside for humans to pay proper homage to our cherished canine companions. I love this day because it gives me a legitimate excuse to make the...
Happy Friday, MAR tians! If you know anything about me, and you do, you know I surround myself with the very best people. I have been flooded with requests from agencies near and far. But, I'm picky. That is why selecting representation is such...
Kitchen renovations are nothing new at Rosebrook Gardens--I did my first one within a few months of construction! After moving into my home, which was newly built, I couldn't overlook the utter lack of style and charm in the kitchen. With my 6...
Westport is my home, and Oscar's was my local deli. One of my most nostalgic memories is going to Oscar's with my mom and enjoying an old-fashioned chocolate chip cookie. They were huge! It was such a treat. Even now as an adult, I would...
Black bean salad
Happy Friday MAR tians! I see the sun peeking out from behind the clouds. This bodes well for my upcoming plans. I’m so looking forward to this weekend. We are having a block party, and it is going to be full of friends, family and the very...
sMARt Tips
Traversing along the windy and sometimes daunting trails to your perfect home can be a challenge. Through my experience as a homebuyer and with homebuyers as a Realtor® I have accumulated key tips to make the process easier. I want to pass what I have learned along to my MAR tians. 1. Start house hunting after your bank has prequalified you...Read more
TGIF MAR tians! Pokémon Go. It’s everywhere! But, what is it all about? After a couple weekends of her kids disappearing to hunt cute catchable monsters called Pokémon, my assistant Lauren downloaded Pokemon Go. Heard of it? Now she is hooked...
Hello MAR tians and Happy Friday! I think you’ll agree that superior customer service is as hard to find as a white cat in a snowstorm. When you do come across an extraordinary experience, it is an inside scoop you cannot wait to share with...
Have you ever met someone in your life who forever changes who you are? A person who helps you re-evaluate your priorities and leads you to discover your real purpose? For me, that person was Edward R. Smith, my comrade, mentor, devoted friend, and...
TGIF MAR tians and Happy Fourth of July in advance! I know many of you enjoyed my recent forays into carpool karaoke à la James Corden. ( Here it is, if you've missed it! or click on our photo.) I promise many more hilarious and entertaining...
TGIF MAR tians! I love the weekend. It is one of the few times in the week where I can sit still, put my feet up and read and enjoy my schnauzer. The Sunday New York Times is a must, but I also love to shop for something ro read from my own library...
Flying the Rainbow Flag
Hello MAR tians everywhere! Last weekend was a terrible moment in our history. The place was the Pulse, a nightclub in Orlando. It was 2:00 a.m. For some, last call was to be horrifically, poignantly apt. A gunman entered the building and open fired...
Emmy-nominated Mar Jennings, America's Top Lifestyle Expert
Last weekend was a tremendous day for everyone on Team MAR. If you’ve been out of the country recently (or were out of the Mar universe), you might not know that my TV show was nominated for two Emmy® awards! And Saturday night was the...
MAR tians, I just came back from breezing in and out of the City. I am the New York Correspondent for all things Antigua and Barbuda, so of course I couldn’t miss their special event, “A Celebration of Film and Television” this...
sMARt Tips
Memorial Day always makes me happy to kick off the summer season. Like the song says, “the livin’ is easy.” The grill gets fired up, the lawn chairs get set up, and the decorations come out, including the flag. I love the Stars and Stripes, and love to show it properly. Memorial Day is to remember and honor those who died in...Read more
Hey MAR tians! Last weekend, I embarked on a daddy-doghter getaway to New York City. Violet, my miniature schnauzer, had too long been competing for my attention with MARTV’s rigorous design and shoot schedule. She’s not one to complain...
MAR tians! Happy Friday & Happy Weekend... As you know, I love sharing my thoughts and experience in the wonderful world of design, lifestyle and beyond. This is one of the main reasons I am so happy to be able to participate in intern programs...
Hello and Happy Weekend! This gorgeous sunny day called to me rather early. I was inspired to get some early morning rays, while sipping my coffee. What a beautiful day that portends of so many wonderful possibilities, so much potential. I love the...
Design Details
In keeping with my latest home design details in MAR silver, gold and brass, I have a doozy of a s MAR t tip for you, MAR tians— and a few personal MAR mories too. When I was growing up, I had my very own "designing women." My very creative mother and grandmother were sticklers for good design. In fact, my mother always said,...Read more
Pick up your trowel and drop your drawers! I’m on the edge of my seat with anticipation, MARtians! The annual World Naked Gardening Day is mere hours away, and as your favorite gardener (I hope)—I want to shed light on my tips for...
Happy Weekend, MARtians! Lately, I have been booking some very exciting speaking engagements. I truly love the various social media platforms I have for sharing what I know with you, as well as my website, but speaking opportunities and lectures are...
Happy Birthday Mar!
Martians! By now, you have heard the MAR velous news. My TV series, “Life on Mar’s: The Home Makeover Show” has been no MAR nated for two Emmys—and this is just season ONE! It truly is an honor, and it could not have happened...
Mar Jennings, America's Top Lifestyle Expert, treats his dog Violet (left) and her fellow mini-schnauzer Ivy to a Pooch-ini at Shake Shack in Westport, CT
We have been working hard at MAR tian headquarters bringing you Emmy-quality programming and great design. If you did not already hear—“Life on Mar’s: The Home Makeover Show” has been nominated for two Emmy’s! So, today...
Happy Friday MAR tians! This spring, when it comes to design, I’m all about versatility along with form and function. Check out this really smart #wheelys MAR t #designhack I’m in love with! I took a pretty shabby-chic table—a...
Happy April 1 st , MAR tians! I love April Fools’ Day, or any chance to have a little fun. I was all set to come up with something hilarious to trick you with in honor of this day of merriment and deceptions, but I found nothing quite as...
Garden Studio
As a designer (and gardener,) I always find myself thinking outside the box, and looking for inspiration and unexpected resources everywhere I go. With spring around the corner and Mother's Day not far away, I wondered: "Why show up with cut flowers?"Read more
MAR tians, sometimes I truly feel like I live on Mars, and yesterday was no exception. In fact, it was an otherworldly experience. On tap for the day, I had planned an amazing broker’s open house for my favorite new listing, “Cotton...
In The Home
As a lifestyle expert, I’m always seeking new ways to make long-standing traditions feel fresh and new. For example, the Easter Basket. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love the idea of a grown-up Easter Basket full of my favorite treats.Read more
Mar Jennings is known for creating a Casual Luxury lifestyle made simple and s MAR t—and making it quickly understood and easy-to-apply with his trademark s MAR t tips and techniques. Mar’s inventive and original blueprint for design infuses Mother Nature’s colors and textures throughout the home and garden. As one of the top lifestyle experts,...Read more
Staging Cotton Cottage to sell
This week was filled with spring fever as I opened up my Garden Studio and began the design transformation from the winter interest look to a new sensational spring style. Green Isle, my home makeover house, is also on the same MAR ch MAR ness...
Happy Friday Everyone! This week’s blog is truly about getting "up close and personal.” This time, I am focusing on garden design details using my home, Rosebrook Gardens . My gardens are ready to springboard into the season. As...
Hello MAR tians! After shooting at Green Isle for over a year now, I have made many friends in the business. I have met so many talented artisans. I have connected with some incredible businesses—all throughout my great state of Connecticut...
My assistant and I are happily exhausted thanks to relocating so many extra chairs into conference room 12 at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford. You will be thrilled to know I have added to our ranks with many new recruits to the MARtian...
MAR Jennings, America's Top Lifestyle Expert
Help Me, MARtian Army! A few days ago I discovered I was to be one of several designers in the running for a prestigious Traditional Home magazine contest. While it truly is just an honor to be nominated, I want to win! Voting is only open until the...
Mar's Office in the Sky
I love what I do, and I do what I love. While, I am always working, I like to change up the scenery a bit. This week I have relocated MAR tian headquarters to warmer climes—Palm Beach Florida. Truth be told, I have a lot of research to do over...
MAR tians! I went to Tom Salta’s house last night, but I was not prepared for what I was about to experience. By the way, if you don’t already know, Tom is a super famous composer and producer. He has written the music for some amazing...
Decode your design dilemmas with Mar Jennings & DEANE, Inc. Mar Jennings and DEANE, Inc. have partnered together to bring an exclusive afternoon of casual luxury. There will be a Q&A session with Mar Jennings and DEANE's Veronica...
Great news has landed on Mar's, and what a way to start 2016—on the cover of Connecticut Cottages & Gardens . Despite being in the Casual Luxury business for some time, it never ceases to thrill when one of my labors of love receives...
sMARt Tips
If you find that you can’t keep a plant because you don’t have a green thumb, try this forest-style planter for your home. It’s a foolproof, long-lasting alternative to traditional houseplants. And decorating your home is even easier when you forage in your garden for rocks, branches, and driftwood to bring this beautiful...Read more
In The Home
1. Nest: The Nest Protect I may not be a character from "T'was the Night Before Christmas," but I do look forward to "settling in for a long winter's nap" after this busy season. I know I'll enjoy it even more securely thanks to this. No one likes the idea they're not keeping their home as safe and...Read more
Just like Luke Skywalker, I had spent the better part of my life unaware of how vast the Star Wars universe was. But how could I ignore the promotional juggernaut for The Force Awakens? I was temporarily tempted to rebel against it, since I was a...
Garden Studio
A nice bottle of wine is always a perfect gift for a host or hostess. We have all seen the velvet wine bags sold in stores these days—they're nice, but they lack individuality. Even worse are the plastic or foil bags that your liquor store will offer. Don't do it! A few years ago, I created a wine bouquet that can be wrapped around any bottle of...Read more
Great news! I'm "nesting"! What do I mean? I'm all about safety first, then great design. When I can find one product that offers both, I'm thrilled and delighted to share it all with you. As your local fire department (and the...
My home at Rosebrook Gardens is always a busy place with something new scheduled every day. From photo shoots to magazine features to video production, we do it all here. This past week, we have been delighted to add a new function to my beloved...
Hello my MARtians, On today of all days I reflect and pause to acknowledge my blessings, my life’s journey and those incredible people who fill my world with such happiness and love. My universe is complex, with many individuals both here and...
The 17th annual Tree Festival at Lounsbury House in Ridgefield, CT was hopping last night. And I was so lucky to have been invited to judge the entries—there were over 40 different trees! As I walked up to the house, I was hit with the magical...
sMARt Tips
I have always been known for wrapping small and large items with great style and passion, but this year I upped the ante by wrapping my garage door. This project is simple, easy to do, and will make for a festive holiday décor on one of the most unexpected places. Don't worry, the instructions allow you to use your garage door without...Read more
If you’re ready to get into the holiday spirit, and looking for the hottest tree festival in town, look no more. The 17th annual Tree Festival is kicking off at Lounsbury House (shown) in Ridgefield, CT, on November 19th with a champagne...
A popular eatery in the town of Fairfield was the scene of a recent alien invasion. Initially, the alien intentions were not clear.
Garden Studio
Anyone can purchase a wreath for the holiday, but other than that ready-made red bow, what real interest does it have? A wreath represents warmth and cheer on your front door that are just a knock away.Read more
Out and About
By participating in the contest, each entrant agrees to abide by these Official Rules, including all eligibility requirements and understands that the results of the contest, as determined by Mar Jennings and his team, are final in all respects. The contest is subject to all federal, state and local laws and regulations and is void where...Read more
Get your #MarTV on! Last night my loyal MAR tians received priority access to the Season 1 trailer. In upcoming weeks, we will begin filming for Season 2 of “Life on Mar’s: The Home Makeover Show,” which will feature two new...
Where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday I was telling all my MARtians about sumMAR gardening and dining. As we march swiftly into the chilly weather, I thought I’d share a clever tip of mine with you.
Out and About
With Halloween right around the corner, you might find yourself invited to a party and need a clever last minute costume. But, who has time to run out to the store and rummage around the picked-over remains of party supply stores? Be resourceful. There are a lot of costumes that can be pulled together using items you probably already own. I am...Read more
What a day! The makeover of Green Isle, the home featured on my makeover show, is progressing well as we scurry along to this coming Monday when we film the new kitchen reveal. However, today was not without hurdles. In the case of the lighting over...
sMARt Tips
Wine glasses that is! Casual Luxury principles denote that the smallest things matter a lot. Anyone who knows me has heard me say, “The devil is in the details.” It is with that in mind, I offer a simple primer on how the size and shape of glassware affect the taste of your beverage—and thanks to the folks at Cardinal Glass for...Read more
From the dog bed of Violet Annabelle Rose Von Schnorkenheimer, the Miniature Schnauzer Hello there, Daddy’s MAR tians! I am so sorry to have worried you all the other day, when my Daddy told you all that I was “lost.” I have to say...
Good Grief everyone, "The Peanuts Movie" is coming to a cinema near you! The opening date is November 6th, and now is the time to get in on a MAR velous Giveaway Opportunity, and it is all thanks to Charlie Brown. Recently, memories of my...
Hello MAR tians! Summer is saying its last good-byes and I hate to see it go, but I love the transition to fall. It is an energetic time in the garden. If you’re like me, you love this time of year when your friends and neighbors have loads of...
In The Home
No home or garden would be complete without a good set of household tools. But how do you know if you have the essential ones? It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the myriad of tools available and the variety of each type. Just looking at the shelves and aisles at your local big box stores can cause a certain level of respectful amazement, and...Read more
Hello my MAR tians! Can you believe it, I can marry people in Connecticut! I always say you can’t be married without the “ M-A-R ” first, haha. In June, coming off of a successful real estate transaction for neighbors Beth and...
Out and About
My journey into the tag sale world came only eight years ago when I was emptying furnishings from my New York apartment and sending them to my house in CT.Read more
This past week I was treated to a beautiful home-cooked meal. My BFF, Yvonne, came over and brought everything to make dinner for her whole family and me, then she prepared it in my kitchen. It was such a treat to have her here; she is a phenomenal...
I’m honored to have my home’s gardens be the subject of an exciting photo shoot for Better Homes and Gardens. For those MAR tians into social media, you might have seen the super-sneak previews I'd posted of what to expect in the...
I am so excited to tell my MAR tian community about the latest addition to the family. But, wait. I have to rewind just a little bit. My BFF, Yvonne, has been in love with my mini schnauzer Violet since the day they first locked eyes. When Yvonne...
sMARt Tips
After a lazy, hazy, crazy summer of dubious bedtimes, vacations, and loose schedules, the transition back to school can feel like a gut punch. Avoid tantrums: Gradually make bedtimes earlier by 10 minutes each night a week or two before the first day of school. Bedtimes should be back in line by September. Create an Inviting Sleep Area: This is a...Read more
Mars is indeed the red planet today. In fact, thanks to copious amounts of Cape Cod sunshine, I am almost the exact shade of rosy red as my gorgeous dinner (pictured below). Don’t worry, yes I was wearing sunscreen! No matter, at least nobody...
Hello my MARtians, this week I was happy to team up with the folks at “It’s Relevant TV” again. We were shooting at Green Isle, everyone’s favorite home makeover home, and boy were there a lot of questions about curtains. I thought I would share what I told everyone at the shoot.
sMARt Tips
There is no better way to ‘Live sMARt’ than by staying organized throughout your home.Read more
Look Magazine came to Rosebrook Gardens for an article about inspiration, and ended up taking some of the best photographs of my garden to date. (Look Magazine features highlights of Fairfield County life.) I was honored with a spread that shares my...
I really do love thrill rides—and have always got such a kick out of the adrenalin-pumping sensations of roller coasters. I remember as a kid being awestruck by the introduction of the new metal coasters, and then the wow of ones that actually...
Time to say goodbye--to my trusty sedan, that is. After years of “ Hart to Hart” inspired dreams, I am finally going for it--the convertible life, that is. The newest MAR tian mobile, or UFO to you and me, has been ordered. While I will...
Out and About
The season for travel is upon us and families are planning vacations and outings. If you plan on taking your pet, ensuring a safe trip should be a top priority. I have a few important tips to keep in mind. 1. Visit the Vet First Any summer trip planning should start far before departure. Visit the vet with your pet and have a veterinarian give...Read more
Out and About
Summer is the perfect time to embrace all that Mother Nature has to offer. A picnic is just the way to relax and take in all that is good, beautiful and most importantly, free. In any economy, and whether you enjoy it alone or with a friend, a picnic can be perfectly MAR-velous and tasteful with minimal expense. Apparently, it is up to me to shed...Read more
Hello my MAR tians. Exciting news for you! This Saturday at 1:00 p.m. on WTNH is our third installment of LIFE ON MAR’S: The Home Makeover Show. This time we are focusing on transforming the living room and family room spaces. You will be...
Hello my MAR tians! Well, this is a big weekend here at Rosebrook Gardens, my home. As overnight guests arrive, I’ll be rolling out the red carpet no doubt, but also proudly hanging my stars and bars—yup, my American Flag. This month...
It’s been over three years, my MAR tians, since I laced up my competition skates and actively skated for myself as a good form of exercise. Having won both regional and sectionals over two decades ago, I always love returning to the ice for...
Design Details
A car is indispensable in our everyday lives. No longer is car simply way to get from point A and to point B. Today's cars offer every variety of luxury and pure excess in the world of technology. One need never gets lost thanks to navigation systems that not only tell us how to get where we are going but even when to make a turn.Read more
MAR tians what can I say? Wow. So many of you took a trip to Mar’s this weekend and experienced my Casual Luxury philosophy at Rosebrook Gardens and saw what Life on Mar’s is all about. (Even in miniature it looks pretty good, I think...
In The Garden
I have come to believe that the career of a gardener should begin and end the same way: with containers. My grandmother taught me this early on when I first expressed interest in her garden. I was just a little boy when she gave me a small terra cotta container as an introduction to the world of gardening. I had complete autonomy over my container...Read more
In The Garden
Succulents….you’ve seen them for years. These whimsical, interesting and often times oddly shaped plants are found predominantly in rock gardens, stone walls and shallow containers. Commonly know as Hens-and-Chicks, how they got this nickname is obvious when you learn and observe their growth characteristics.Read more
Hello to all my MAR tians out there. I have so much to tell you about the latest and greatest up here on Mar's. The MAR tian air is electric after my exhilarating, white-hot celebrity interview, the second installment of my Home Makeover Series...
Earth to MAR s, Team Mar has another little MAR tian! Straight out of Staples High School, I truly believe that I got the best of our senior internship program. When I saw the listing for the intern position here, I figured that I’d be running...
Trapeze School New York—or TSNY—filled me with both excitement and fear. I was there on Monday at the behest of my dear friends, the O’Kanes. Apparently, swinging approximately a hundred feet in the air is their idea of a de-...
In The Home
It’s the time of year to eat, drink and be merry. This December, how can be best-served our taste buds and our guests?Read more
Hi my MARtians! This week I’m turning over my blog to my new assistant, Lauren—enjoy! -MAR I am a long time MAR tian, and I have followed Mar Jennings’ wide-ranging, sage advice from pruning to home renovation and beyond. MAR's...
Hello my MAR tians, Nothing helps signal the change of seasons like blossoms on trees. In front of my home, Rosebrook Gardens, a pair of Aristocrat flowering pear trees stand guard. Their brilliant display is visible from my living room and from my...
Regular readers will know that I have often been inspired by Great Britain: the wonderful English gardens, the English countryside, and the manor houses of that wonderful isle. But lately I have a renewed appreciation for France, too: it's...
I love nontoxic old photographs. So when I recently found several wonderful photos of my trips to Pennsylvania, I relived many wonderful memories. This blog post photo was taken with Mother and my brothers during one of our many trips to see my Aunt...
In The Garden
Temperatures are rising, daffodils are blooming, and lawnmowers won’t be far behind as spring is in the air. A rebirth has begun in the garden and for many home gardeners it’s time to get back to work. Pruning is just one small part of the many activities that will require your attention, so it’s best we get right to it early and with excitement.Read more
Have we taken the turn here in New England? Has Old Man Winter finally packed his bags to go join my naughty holiday elves? Thanks to the warmer weather, the Garden Studio was opened this week, so that means its time to move on out! The furniture...
Okay it’s true, my MARtians, I do love a good audience when I do my lectures and book signings, but tonight I will be part of the audience as Helen Mirren takes the Broadway stage as Queen Elizabeth II in the Audience.
For those who don’t already know that Mar has a Mini-Me, thaaat’s me! My name is Kelly and I’ve been working for Mar since last September; today I’m your guest blogger. After graduating college, I stored away my old textbooks...
Versailles , Buckingham Palace, Highclere Castle (the location for Downtown Abbey), the Hermitage, and Palacio Real de Madrid all have magnificent chandeliers. All around the world, chandeliers have been installed in great buildings and homes to...
My MAR tians, as you know I’m one of the most positive people you will ever meet. I always try to find the silver lining in life’s journey of ups and downs. This Winter, although I still appreciate how the seemingly never-ending snow...
In The Home
It’s officially winter—regardless of what the weather feels like outside—so you can be sure that Old Man Winter is hovering around with Jack Frost at his beck and call.Read more
sMARt Tips
Have you ever lost your cell phone only to never have it returned? Usually, people who find a lost phone want to do the right thing, but it can be difficult for them to identify the owner. Either the phone is locked (needing a password,) or there's no other identification on the phone. This s MAR t tip is all about three simple ways to get...Read more
My MARtians, you came from all over the state to hear me speak about creating Casual Luxury in the home and garden during my lectures at the Connecticut Flower & Garden Show last weekend, which was held at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford.
Baby it’s cold outside! But I’ve got plenty to keep me occupied, as I prepare for my upcoming lecture series: next weekend I'm at the 34 th Annual Flower & Garden Show at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford. Their theme...
Art has always been a staple of my life. When I’ve travelled, no matter where in the world, I have had opportunities to appreciate the masters. And over the years, I’ve found that art helps me turn back time, as it were, to reflect on...
Hello MAR tians, As the Winter snow continues to fall and the bursts of sunshine reflect off the morning icicles, I embrace the Winter by cozying up in my home, planning gatherings that keep me inside—warm and snuggled up with my schnauzer by...
My MAR tians, you all know I simply refer to my home as Rosebrook Gardens, but this morning I’m calling it “Snowbrook Gardens” to reference the splendor of the fluffy white stuff that covered the gardens overnight. That said, I put...
Hello my MARtians! As we continue to add more to the already packed LIFE ON MAR’S The Home Makeover Show series, I’m delighted to share that the end reveal is coming soon. Yesterday we brought together the team to film the behind-the-...
This week I announced on all my social media channels that Rosebrook Gardens was getting a facelift. Turns out perhaps I should have been super clear that I was referring to my home. Many folks took that statement as meaning I was literally getting...
Happy New Year my MAR tians , friends and dedicated followers. This afternoon, before the craziness of New Year’s Eve, I wanted to take a moment to send my heartfelt wish for each and every one of you to have a happy, healthy and blissful New...
In The Home
Have you ever been inspired by a designer item and dreamt about the lifestyle and touches of opulence and wealth? Even if you have not seen a single moment of Downton Abbey you are likely aware that it shows the differences between the upstairs family and the downstairs help.Read more
The Holiday feeling is here to stay At Rosebrook Gardens come what may: From dawn’s first light to eve’s first star, She welcomes all from near and far. The house is dressed in full décor, The type that Saint Nick will adore. Stockings...
Where has the month gone? Can you believe it, Christmas is next week and although Old Man Winter has taken somewhat of a break here in Connecticut, no one is complaining, as we know sooner rather than later he will arrive. This week I stepped up the...
sMARt Tips
Beautiful scarves are incredibly versatile. They aren’t just for accessorizing an outfit anymore! While scarves can spruce up any outfit, jauntily tied, they can also update an old purse with a splash of color. Ditch the wrapping paper and personalize any gift with a unique silk scarf, which then becomes part of the gift. (No need to buy...Read more
Hello my MAR tians--good grief, the holidays are almost here! Are you ready? This holiday season I have proactively focused on long lasting décor ideas that don’t only represent the festive holiday season but winter interest as well. As the...
sMARt Tips
Many people really enjoy doting on their houseguests and get special satisfaction catering to their every whim. Good for you! I, too, am always delighted to entertain and love to play “the host with the most.” However, during the holidays—when there are multiple people, possibly for multiple days—I’m happier playing...Read more
As my MAR tians and regular readers know, last night I held my brokers open house for the stunning home named Sunset Haven. It was a great evening, as 103 influential movers and shakers came out to witness the breathtaking vistas that only Sunset...
In The Home
I’ve been in tune with my surroundings my entire life. Whether at home or on vacation I observe the details as if I am going to be tested on it. I drill down on even the most obsolete thing from the carpet to the crown moldings and everything in between. Yet, there is always one thing that trumps everything else, and it’s more about...Read more
Hello my MAR tians, I write to you from the glorious beach of the Carambola Beach Resort in St. Croix . I’ve been here as MC for the St. Croix Bridal Symposium, and filming for the tourist board of the US Virgin Islands. What a week!. I kicked...
Well my MAR tians, “Team MAR” is packing their bags. Tomorrow we relocate on assignment for the St. Croix Wedding Symposium , located in the US Virgin Islands. I’m delighted for two reasons: one, the USVI does not require a...
In The Home
This time of year many garden centers, holiday markets, and even your local grocery chains have the blissful, fragrant delight of the Paperwhite bulbs. When I see them, I’m intoxicated with delight. Narcissus Paperwhites are highly fragrant, and because they are so easy to force bloom when indoors, they are very common during the holidays...Read more
In The Home
Some of the best resources are free, and when Mother Nature provides you with an abundant supply of pine cones, you can’t help but think up multiple applications for them that are both practical and resourceful. Here are four simple and creative s MAR t tips for inspiring you to rethink the traditional pine cone: As kindling for your...Read more
It’s that time a year my MAR tians when Rosebrook Gardens begins to prepare for the holiday season with lots of festive décor ideas. Last year’s Mother Nature inspired holiday house tour was a huge success and this year, although...
Happy Halloween, my MAR tians! I love Halloween, not just the goblins and the witches but the fun décor opportunities that come with the festive occasion. My home, Rosebrook Gardens, is located on a private street so not many children come door-to-...
Hello my MAR tians ! Having a home office here at Rosebrook Gardens provides me with the pleasures of both working at home and vistas of my garden. With three large windows the views are in abundance no matter the season, and I embrace them and find...
Hello my MAR tians! I love dogs, all kinds of dogs—so when friends called me in need of doggie sitting help I pitched right in and welcomed Checkers, their 7-year-old female Brussels Griffon. I must say, I said ‘yes, of course’...
Thanks to those who commented on my fun segment on NBC CT Friday; I’m glad I inspired you with several different—and easy—takes on Fall door décor. Exciting news this week, my MAR tians : I’m now NBC CT’s new weekly...
Garden Studio
With Pee Gee Hydrangeas now past their full blooms, these amazing flowers are the perfect resource to get inspired to create something both festive and timely. This year I decided to make something new and interesting with my abundance of spent hydrangea flowers. For anyone who adores the hydrangea flowers when in full season, autumn brings new...Read more
I love New York! And despite living so close to the city I always look for opportunities to extend my stay whenever possible. Truth be told, some of the best things about my career in television are the people and the places I get to travel to and...
My delightful MAR tians , with so many activities going on, people to see and places to go this week, still I must say that nothing was as much fun as Team MAR wearing the “official” LIFE ON MAR’S: The Home Makeover Show t-shirt...
In The Garden
Summer may be coming to an end, but September and October just so happen to be my favorite months for outdoor gatherings. 2014 has been all about theme parties, and there is no better time to introduce a fantastic theme than late summer and early fall, as the weather is seasonally more pleasant. Plus, who doesn’t love entertaining around a...Read more
With a busy work week behind me and the production of LIFE ON MAR’S: The Home Makeover Show in full swing (which ran the gamut from the thrill of demo-ing to the fun of selecting countertops), I took a moment this Thursday, September 11 th ,...
Hello my MAR tians! How exactly was I topless? Well, this week I mean the term in a couple of different ways, as I not only soaked in a wonderful hotel tub with a view but also ripped the top off of a garage roof to accommodate a new rooftop deck...
It’s been a busy time here for Team Mar. This month we launched my exciting new website; I appeared on NBC promoting my new book Life on Mar's: Creating Casual Luxury as well as my appearance and free lecture at Mohegan Sun...
In The Garden
Over the years I have adapted my gardening secrets to a proven list for every season, and they have become my garden to-do list year after year. So, here is my fall gardening secrets.Read more
Many people dream of doing what they love and loving what they do. I have been very grateful to do just that. It’s hard to imagine that a former regional and sectional figure skating champion can become a Senior Vice President in banking only to leave corporate America to peruse an ambitious goal of becoming a TV Host, Lifestyle Expert and Author. That in itself was a challenge.
Moving has been on my mind this week, as I’ve been preparing and researching the business of relocating; it’s the topic of my segment tomorrow on WTNH’s Good Morning Connecticut.
More and more Americans are finding that the key to the fountain of youth is being active, and I’m no exception. I’ve always been committed to staying healthy; as a former U.S. Figure skating champion I never had a problem finding ways...
My MARtians, by know you know my Casual Luxury design philosophy and my quest to share my love and passion for design with all. It’s time to address my front door with a fresh new look that I hope will capture the hearts of others.
When I was a little boy my Mother would say “Look at the window curtains on a house; they will tell you a great deal about the person who lives inside.
Well you already know about my “Casual Luxury” philosophy and design principals that became the foundation...
Hello my MARtians, and welcome back to the Mar Blog. I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July long weekend!
sMARt Tips
Tag Sales—just another way to describe a garage sale—are wonderful ways to clear unused items in a house, and they can also be a lot of fun. Here are my favorite difference-making tips to keep in mind when planning your sale. Create a buzz: When placing an ad in the paper or online, make it catchy and fun, and tell a little about what...Read more
Breaking news: MAR tians spotted in Connecticut! Did I get your attention? You may recall last MARch when I announced that the official term when affectionately referencing my fans was as my MARtians.
How exciting for me to share a success story from my week with you, my MARvelous MARtians.
Last week I told you that I was preparing for a garden tour with the Fairfield chapter of the women’s networking group, Over 40 Females. I met their chapter director, Christine Oleynick, when they invited me to speak to their group almost two years ago...
Out and About
The art of traveling should be done in style and with sophistication regardless of where you’re going.Read more
A week of exciting growth - from experiences and Mother Nature!
Mailbox Mishaps
Out and About
I love to get mail. Don’t you? There is a little bit of excitement wondering if there is going to be a letter or a card waiting for me. One can only hope, as most often it’s the monthly bills or the endless amount of waste commonly called junk mail.Read more
In The Garden
When it comes to gardens structures, creating structure is possible if you can understand and apply the basic rules for staying organized and efficient—thus my intentional play on the word “structure.”Read more
What a crazy wonderful week: saying goodbye to one intern and hello to another. Thanks Elizabeth Kane - you were aMARzing.
Hello my MARtians, this week I'm excited to announce my first guest blogger my intern, Elizabeth Kane, who is also President and founder of CharityChicks US.
Hello my MARtians, I must say how wonderful it is to be back home in Connecticut. It seems that in just over a short week the gardens at my home, Rosebrook Gardens, have flourished with lush vegetation and emerald green new growth.
My MARtians: exciting news! This week I may sound like a broken record as I post about this month’s Vines & Vignettes Spring Garden Fantasy Experience.
What an exciting week, my MARtians. Yesterday, my home Rosebrook Gardens became the exciting backdrop for a full production shoot as I partnered with Dynatrap...
Here’s a mind-teaser for all my MARtians: can you tell that this photo is not of an inside room at my house?
This week I made it a point to get back into the garden and begin to update, change and create new exciting vignettes which will be revealed at the many garden...
sMARt Tips
Just about everyone could use a little extra cabinet space without having to do a whole kitchen remodel, right? Follow these sMARt tips for an even sMARter functioning kitchen space.Read more
An Olympic Champion and Emmy Award winner will be in my very own back yard (Westport, that is.) How much better can it get? The skating icon Dick Button...
As the end of the month draws near and April approaches, I keep looking to the garden for signs of Spring. Mother Natures has certainly taken an extra long vacation this season as very...
Hello my MARvelous MARtians! Spring has finally arrived, and, while the sun is shining across the region, team Mar has been busy coordinating fabulous...
To riff on the famous tune, “How much is that birdhouse in the window?”
In The Garden
Spring weather varies timing widely, so use this as a guide, but follow your instincts to set a gardening schedule that works best for you and your garden.Read more
In The Garden
Who doesn’t love wisteria, the endless blooms that blanket the ceiling of a terrace, balcony or pergola. They are so delicately intoxicating and whimsical, especially when floating in a soft spring breeze.Read more
Hello my MARtians! Sunshine, warm weather and Spring are in the air. Even though they are in that order, it’s a combination I can get used to. With Spring only 12 days away,
Yesterday’s 2014 Spring Gala benefiting Near & Far Aid was no doubt filled with plenty of Hollywood glamour. In keeping with the Oscar-timed theme of ‘Glitz. Glamour. Giving,’ Klieg lights pinpointed the entrance, while the red...
As a former regional and sectional figure skating champion, I always await the Winter Olympics with great excitement. I know I’m not alone, as millions tune in to watch the Olympic games, and figure skating is at the top of their ‘must-...
sMARt Tips
I love the look of a miniature grove of trees in my home, and so I really enjoy my cluster of Myrtle Topiary bushes. Their distinctive shape and green leaves are a joyful reminder of Mother Nature all year long. Lots of people who visit me ask how I keep mine looking good all year. So this week’s s MAR t tip is all about the decorative...Read more
Yesterday I had the pleasure to be Master of Ceremonies at the press launch luncheon for The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism’s outstanding new wedding promotion: 16 Islands, 16 Weddings, One Priceless Day. My videographer was also on hand to...
Rosebrook Gardens, my home, is a place to share and enjoy with others.
The freezing cold blast continues to hit the northeast, so I pile on my layers to help war off the frigid, chilly air. In spite of this continuing string of cold days and nights, I know that this, too, shall pass;
The weather outside may be frightful, but these fresh flowers are simply delightful.
I love a great birdhouse! So when I received a call about making a Mar Jennings birdhouse based on my home to auction for charity I was delighted to hear more about this opportunity.
sMARt Tips
This week’s s MAR t tip is all about introducing simple architectural decor touches often found outdoors but which can easily be introduced inside as well. Let me explain: as a gardener living in Connecticut I created a four-season garden approach to my outdoor spaces, but when old man winter approaches and I retreat inside I still create...Read more
I may be known for “LIFE ON MAR’S,” but I know how to make the most of the experiences planet Earth has to offer, too.
sMARt Tips
This week’s s MAR t tip is all about one last rescue for your Christmas tree and holiday greenery. Rather than bidding them a final farewell—tossing them onto the curb and almost immediately into a landfill—discover these options for recycling them right onto your patio, deck or yard: Christmas Tree: Remove the ornaments as usual...Read more
The beauty, sophistication and unique locales that New York offers truly makes it one of the best cities in the world.
sMARt Tips
In the late 19th century, lamps were designed to show off the then-new carbon filament bulbs they used. ("Look, everyone, I don't use candles!") In the 20th Century the novelty had passed, so most lighting fixtures evolved to keep the bulb hidden. But now the latest trend in lighting is to use and expose modern, decorative filament...Read more
Without a doubt, 2013 was an aMARzing year and, as they say my MARtians, “Time flies when you’re having fun.”
Now with the holiday house tour is over (and coming out of my “House Tour Coma”),
This past Sunday's Christmas-themed house tour was a huge hit! This year the Westport Historical Society embraced the season by introducing a " Classic New England Christmas " theme for the house tour. And for the first time ever we...
In The Home
Have you ever picked up something and imagined its’ creative and functional possibilities beyond the obvious? Lately I had that moment when I was looking at some trays in a store. Trays have so many possible functions in so many rooms that they really are indispensible.Read more
I’m so delighted that this year my holiday décor will be inspired by the wonderful terrain of Westport.
In The Home
Mar Jennings is the author of the best selling Life On Mar’s: A Four Season Garden, a nationally acclaimed gardening book, sold world-wide. Mar’s continues the series with Life On Mar’s: Creating Casual Luxury at the remarkable price of $19.95Read more
16 days to the house tour! Update: The sewer line repair is done, and the mason is scheduled to re-install my driveway’s Belgian block tomorrow. Just in time, as the window cleaners are arriving on Friday and Team Terrain is scheduled just...
Have you ever been so on-schedule with a project that you have taken a moment and said to yourself, “Wow, I can’t believe I’ve done so much already—I’m so ahead.”
30 days and counting! Soon hundreds of people from all over the state and surrounding areas will visit my home, Rosebrook Gardens. They’ll all witness for themselves what LIFE ON MAR’S is all about as the chapters from my book on Casual...
sMARt Tips
Holiday decorating, gifting and wrapping it up with style is easier when you have the right tools at hand. So it’s time to stock up for your decorating and gift wrapping needs. Whether wrapping the perfect present for friends and family or decorating my home for the arrival of guest this holiday season, I find it’s easier to be...Read more
sMARt Tips
As I begin to redesign my garden studio—for both better function and to maximize the space—I find my eye attracted to the galvanized look and feel of an industrial warehouse space more so than a typical garden studio. The challenge is how to best combine the two in a cohesive style to create one MAR velous space, especially since the...Read more
I have lots and lots to celebrate this week my MARtians—and it wouldn’t be a celebration without involving you.
sMARt Tips
This week’s s MAR t tip is all about the centerpiece! Now that I have teamed up with in their movement to bring back the centerpiece, I was motivated and inspired to create fun projects that use the traditional pumpkin as something decorative, fresh and new. This time of year it’s pretty traditional to carve a pumpkin...Read more
Garden Studio
Halloween is arguably the most paradoxical of American Holidays despite its ever-increasing popularity. Since the mid-1980s, we have begun to accept that Halloween's unique place in modern society (especially American society) merits attention beyond horror fiction and children's books. Early celebrations of Halloween were filled with fear...Read more
In The Garden
Considering the overwhelming beauty of the Hydrangea plant, it’s no wonder I cherish the pleasure of taking the time to dry them each year so I may have months of delight admiring their loveliness. Enjoying them in the garden is one thing, but having them indoors, well past their blooming season, is always a great opportunity to discover new ways...Read more
Exciting news my MARtians! LIFE ON MAR’S just got better as I’m teaming up with & in their movement to bring back the centerpiece.
Back from Seattle & Vancouver, I return with many memories, including those of the wonderful new friends I met, from both KING 5’s New Day Northeast in Seattle and CityTV’s Breakfast Television in Vancouver.
"Open wide!!!" At least, that's what Violet seems to be saying to this amazing fish. On closer inspection, the fish is headless, so perhaps--since we are getting close to Hallowe'en, and since Westport is not too far away from...
sMARt Tips
They say that one should never judge a book by its cover, yet many of us do just that. And when it comes to the competitive real estate market one always has to take an objective approach on how one’s home may look to others. Regardless if you’re selling your home or just looking to update and refresh it, there are many affordable...Read more
In The Garden
One of the many things I love about living in Connecticut is the ability to experience all four seasons: winter, spring, fall and of course sum MAR . For many of us, fall embodies perfectly clear, crisp days that start with a burrrrst of fresh air. And even though the afternoons often warm up, the leaves begin to float gracefully downward creating...Read more
As a lifestyle expert and designer, one of the best parts of creating a customized space is finding the right resources.
Have you ever had one of those days when technology does not cooperate?
In The Garden
Fall is finally here! I'm so excited as I always look forward to this time of year when the cool autumn months remind me to get back to work and begin my fall chores.Read more
I’m going back to high school this fall—but this time as a teacher, not as a student. That’s right, Westport’s Continuing Education Program is about to get a little bit more MAR vellous. Barbara Pitcher, Director of the...
It’s official: Rosebrook Gardens is a no smoking zone! After years of accommodating guests and tradesmen, lately the habit is driving me crazy.
September is the month to take dining al fresco to a whole new level—and to have the excuse to throw on a favorite sweater while lingering outside, too! For me,
In The Garden
It’s that time of year again, when the nights become cooler and the hazy, hot and humid days are long gone. The fresh crisp air kicks me back into action and reminds me there is work to be done in the garden.Read more
It’s that time of year again, when the nights become cooler and the hazy, hot and humid days are a thing of the past.
sMARt Tips
Nothing extends the season better than enjoying fresh herbs from a homegrown herb garden. So here are a few pointers to extend the life of your herbs, whether you plant them indoors or out. Jumpstart healthy herbs: avoid the frustrating early growing stages by buying healthy mature herbs that are already potted. Your local nursery—and maybe...Read more
Have you seen the show? Devious Maids is a television comedy-drama series on Lifetime that has me hooked every Sunday night at 9pm.
sMARt Tips
Yes, it’s true, but it’s not what you think. As a creative person with a Casual Luxury lifestyle brand, I have long been a fan of decals and wall stencils, but not a fan of the boring, standard patterns and the damage they do to surfaces and paint. Recently I discovered RoomMates , the peel and stick wall decals made here in the USA. I...Read more
I have always had the mind set that if I’m going to do something I might as well just get into it full force.
I love my hometown of Westport, Connecticut, for so many reasons. The people, the restaurants, the village shopping, and of course our fantastic Compo Beach.
Exciting news my MARtians! Many of you have asked a version of the following question via e-mail, Twitter, or Facebook:
One of the best reasons to have roses on your property is the huge impact they make in the spring when they burst from hibernation.
In The Garden
Hydrangeas, because they bloom from summer all the way through to late fall, are wonderful as a cutting flower and prolific enough for continuous bouquets.Read more
In The Garden
No matter where you live there’s a Hydrangea for you. Once you fall in love with one, you’ll find out something important: it turns out it’s impossible to only have one. You’ll want more and more. Having several in your garden is the only solution.Read more
In The Garden
For centuries Hydrangeas have been a staple of any well-appointed garden design. That said, it’s that time of year when the hydrangeas are glorious in the garden, showing off with their prolific, display of flowers.Read more
Being on assignment last week in the United States Virgin Islands, I returned home late Friday afternoon with memories of a lifetime, new-found friendships, as well as exciting new projects and opportunities to continue them this fall.
Super heat one day, humidity the next, and then downpours after that: life for a northeast gardener sure has been fun lately. But this blog is for all of my MARtians who have been braving it through the record-breaking heat wave across the rest of...
There is no better way to stay cool in the summer than to lace up and head to your local Ice Skating Rink. Yes, you read that right. Being no stranger to the world of skating,
In The Garden
No matter who joins me in the garden, I'm always asked who takes care of the pruning and maintenance, implying that perhaps I have a staff of gardeners living above the garden studio.Read more
In The Garden
It's that time of year again: Days are longer, the weather is warmer and mother earth calls us to enjoy the splendor of the great outdoors. Party time! I’m no stranger to throwing great parties, or so I’m told. When I was growing up, just about anything, from a drop of rain to a major holiday, was reason enough for my parents to entertain. My...Read more
Out and About
Recently, I was interview by Sally Allen from Books, Ink at the Hamlet Hub. She was curious to speak to me because of the buzz about my upcoming book. Here is the interview that they posted on their website.Read more
sMARt Tips
Ever wonder what to do when you have multiple windows and doors in one room, therefore very little wall space? Recently this design dilemma was posed to me and the best answer? Floating furniture. The image here shows a variant on this dilemma--awkwardly-located doorways and entrances--that get the same answer. “Floating” is the design...Read more
This week I was finishing the initial copy edits on my new book (I say “initial” because anyone in publishing will tell you there are always rounds and rounds of edits, just to make sure that everything is “just so”!)
I always say "Learn, have fun, and pass it on"—and I had a chance to live it in a couple of fresh new ways this past week.
sMARt Tips
Today’s s MAR t tip is all about the boxwood . When it comes to being creative in your garden, no need to think outside the box, the boxwood, that is! Winter, spring, summer or fall, there’s a boxwood use for you. With over hundreds of boxwood on my property alone, I’m hoping I can entice you with at least one design idea that...Read more
They say that April showers bring May flowers, so what does June rain bring? I’ll tell you: maybe more than I realized.
My little miniature schnauzer Violet has been exposed to many wonderful experiences here on Life on Mar’s, and no matter who comes to visit she somehow takes the spotlight and becomes the star.
sMARt Tips
Ah, vacation time! People everywhere are gearing up to pack themselves into cars, trains, buses and planes for a beach get-a-way. Regardless of where you are going, I think you deserve to arrive in Casual Luxury style. Here are some s MAR t tips to help you do it: Reduce stress by spending where it counts. When purchasing luggage for yourself or...Read more
In The Garden
The peonies in my garden will soon be out of control and I love it! This spectacular display comes only once a year, but it’s so worth the wait. I am not concerned about our mild winter. As temperatures drop in late fall, peonies go dormant regardless of how little snow is on the ground.Read more
In The Garden
No need to grab your passport or to even pack a suitcase when you use travel as your inspiration in your garden. A garden that reflects international sensibilities is more about the places you have been and the signature design styles of those places that remind you perhaps of a special time in your life. Whether on a cross-country tour of the US...Read more
What do the following people have in common? Tim Conway, Snooki, Jim Carrey, Julianne Moore, Debra Messing, and me?
sMARt Tips
Area rugs offer both protection and style to hardwood flooring. But knowing how to use them to their best advantage can often be a secret that only the professionals know. Here are a few s MAR t tips to keep in mind. Most people think of throw rugs as a replacement for wall-to-wall carpeting; this is the biggest error. Rugs are accent pieces, not...Read more
Out and About
I have always had a passion for traveling and seeing the world. It’s no wonder. It began with a passport at the age of three. Who knew the world would become my playground with so much to discover, learn and pass along.Read more
Last Tuesday the Fairfield County chapter of the professional group named Over 40 Females met at the restaurant Artisan.
I love Massachusetts and I love hunting for antiques! So when I combined both and visited the world-renowned Brimfield Antiques Show for the first time, well, my life will never be the same again!
sMARt Tips
One of the many pleasures of nurturing and cultivating a garden has to be the reward of abundant resources for creating flower arrangements for my home. Spring, summer, fall and even winter have provided plenty of color and textures for my seasonal arrangements. Whether or not you're a gardener, every yard has the resources to be a free "...Read more
A behind-the-scenes update from Mar Central: Today renowned photographer Stacy Bass is at the house...
sMARt Tips
The best way to increase your property value, create curb appeal, and invite wildlife is to plant a simple tree. Trees offer many wonderful benefits besides their beauty. By planting a tree on your property one can increase the home’s property value by as much as 20%. They help to reduce heating and air-conditioning by as much as 50 percent...Read more
Visiting Disney World as a child is one thing, but going as an adult is a whole new experience.
How often do I write about blurring the line between Mother Nature’s outdoor beauty and interior home décor? (The answer: Often!) Well, I like to change it up, too. This week’s blog is about reversing that concept: taking a common indoor...
sMARt Tips
Presentation counts! We have all heard it. This week’s s MAR t tip is perfect for the spring Real Estate market: Staging your home to sell quickly in a competitive market is all about creating space, ambiance, and drive-by appeal. SPACE : Remove furnishings in order to open up floor space and allow easy flow through the house and yard. Do...Read more
…three new friends, an experience of a lifetime and bragging rights. HGTV’s White Room Challenge, hosted by David Bromstad, was most definitely a whirl-wind experience.
sMARt Tips
Tired of that old sofa, but can’t bear to part with it just yet? Here are three fabulous looks that can transform any old or tired sofa; each of them simple and budget-friendly. Time to make something old into something new and inviting again. Pick a look you love and get started! 1. Traditional Add classic throw pillows for a fresh new look...Read more
As a gardener, I find great enjoyment in creating garden spaces that invite people (as well as Mother Nature’s other creatures) to enjoy beauty that transports them. A well-appointed garden can intoxicate you with smells of nostalgic memories...
sMARt Tips
No longer does the laundry room have to be a gloomy industrial space in the corner of the house. Here are a few s MAR t tips for how to spruce up your laundry room for cleaning duty and beyond. Be fully functional . Add a TV, music player, or phone to your laundry room. Provide a small table so family members can use a laptop or pay bills while...Read more
Many people celebrate the first days of Spring, but I like to celebrate the first days of sprinkler! Most gardeners will agree the time-consuming task of watering is both a chore and a pleasure.
sMARt Tips
Experts say it only takes 60 seconds after pulling up at the front of a home for potential buyers to decide whether or not they want to buy it. If you are thinking of listing your house, here are a couple of s MAR t tips that sell. Use flower power! Plant new flowers in the landscaping and use plant stands of various heights to quickly freshen up...Read more
In the world of automated checkouts, mega superstores, huge fee-raking banks, and impersonal sales and service, one still holds out hope that we have not yet been completely dominated by corporate conglomerates.
sMARt Tips
Find yourself with an unused indoor planter? Want something both decorative and interesting, but which requires no water or maintenance? Consider decorative moss as a wonderful way to perk up the look of a spare planter. This s MAR t tip is about discovering ways to use moss as a decorative accent in the home. My favorite way to use moss is in my...Read more
Have you ever found yourself doing something and saying to yourself “I love this!”?
In The Home
Just in time for the Spring, here is a scrumptious Spring Pasta Salad--great-tasting and easy to do--that the whole family will love and want again and again.Read more
sMARt Tips
Even people who don’t have pets can love cats and dogs. However, no one likes to sit on a sofa covered with pet hair. So here are a few s MAR t tips to keep your pet-friendly home both stylish and comfortable for you and your guests. If you can, plan ahead. When you buy furniture, inquire about buying an extra matching cushion or seat cover...Read more
This week I announced a new, accessible price for my best-selling book LIFE ON MAR’S, A Four Season Garden.
In The Home
Have you ever considered the notion that something as simple as a trashcan could be a home fashion statement? Trash receptacles, whether large or small, are a part of our daily lives.Read more
sMARt Tips
As a professional lifestyle expert and designer, I’m often asked by my clients when to go lighter with room color and when to go darker. This s MAR t Tip is all about when to use light versus dark shades to make the most of any room. In general, the smaller the room, the lighter the color. To open up a room that appears small and dark, using...Read more
Last week we announced my new book, LIFE ON MAR’S, Creating Casual Luxury Room To Room.
sMARt Tips
Oncidium, Dendrobium, Epidendrum and Cattleya: gibberish? Nope, these are varieties of orchids! The great news? They are at the best prices over the winter, so visit Home Depot , Trader Joe’s, local grocery stores and other non-gardening places for discounted orchids. Although the presentation of these inexpensive orchids is not high-end...Read more
The cat is out of the bag! (Maybe that’s the wrong species: perhaps my miniature schnauzer is the one who spilled the beans?) Regardless, the press release is out!
sMARt Tips
It’s time to take a vacation! Have you ever wondered why white is such a popular clothing choice when you go somewhere warm? White reflects the sunlight more than any other color, therefore sunlight, which is a "white" light, is not absorbed but rather bounced away from you. That’s why you feel more cool and comfortable in...Read more
You might be asking what I know about salvage. I have always had the mantra: “something old can be something new,” especially when you apply creativity and resourcefulness.
The record snowfall this month has reminded us here in Connecticut how old man winter can behave.
sMARt Tips
To visit my home, Rosebrook Gardens, is to experience the elaborate gardens and the ever-growing beauty of the maturing landscape designs.Read more
I’ve always been a proud American who celebrates the patriotic colors of the red, white and blue.
sMARt Tips
I have not met a pet owner who does not adore their four-legged best friend. I’m no exception and as a proud owner of a Miniature Schnauzer named Violet, I make it a point not only to create a home that is comfortable for my guests but for her as well. This week’s s MAR t tip is about repurposing what you find in the children’s...Read more
Today’s modern men have rocked the fashion world when it comes to serving up great style. Men are more aware than ever of how they look and of the image they want to project.
When the weather outside gets frightful the clothing layers become delightful. My style kicks into high gear with cashmere sweaters, wool sport coats and fabulous cords.
In The Home
A growing trend amongst frequent travelers is to pack a few staple items that help to personalize any hotel room. These might include their favorite soaps and slippers, a few small photos, or their usual end-of-day tunes. These modern day nomads spend so much time in hotel rooms that they have cleverly figured out how to personalize a space...Read more
sMARt Tips
A well-appointed entrance hall closet should offer many storage solutions for today’s modern families. Coats, umbrellas, hats, scarves and of course the occasional shoes and boots all should have a convenient place to be stowed. Add a decorative tray for keys and incoming mail and now you have created a “Grand Central Station”...Read more
Last summer I blogged about my home, Rosebrook Gardens, being featured in an independent film by Judith Studios called Janie Charismanic.
sMARt Tips
The best strategies are often the simplest. My design formula is very much the same: only 4 elements, needing no special tools or skills, just the desire to create something unique and personal. As this method is scalable for any room or size, when followed it will ensure anyone can achieve great success. Function : Determine what the space is...Read more
I’ve discovered that if a friend compliments my home design and notices every little detail that represents my signature style it’s only a matter of time before they ask for my help.
sMARt Tips
“Pitcher” this: pitchers that offer multifunctional uses in your home.Read more
One thing I love about winter is that the cold temperatures outside help me redirect my energy to indoor projects.
Design Details
Wait - this year don’t toss those greeting cards! You can do your part to recycle and be cleverly creative at the same time with these simple and yet effective tips and tricks for turning holiday mail into something useful and decorative again for next year—and who knows, perhaps even inspiring more creativity from your family in the process.Read more
Sorry I’m late with my blog this week as I found myself with a sinus infection.
As I was doing my prep for the coming holiday week, I couldn’t help stopping to reflect that this is a “mixed emotions” time of year.
I love this time of year, not just because the season is filled with merry and good cheer, but because the chilly days also mean a return to the seasonal ritual of lighting fires in our fireplaces.
In The Home
Holiday celebrations with friends and family mean new memories to cherish year after year.Read more
sMARt Tips
Entertaining is in full swing! No doubt there are lots of candles and flower arrangements gracing your dining table. This week’s s MAR t tip is about combining the two into one beautiful arrangement. Take a small, low bouquet of flowers; insert one taper candle into the center of your arrangement—line up the bottom of the taper with...Read more
Rosebrook Gardens is ready for the holidays! So here come the film crews, interviewers and producers to capture the holiday cheer and yours truly in action.
The holiday season is officially here and soon everyone will be knocking at your door. Whether you live in a house or an apartment I have a strong opinion:
Hello from the Cotswolds in the UK where all the views and sights appear to be straight out of Downton Abbey, a PBS special, or an Agatha Christie Miss Marple novel. As I enjoy a break from the city of London for Thanksgiving I find myself...
sMARt Tips
No doubt we have all done it: purchased wonderful, oversized pillar candles only to replace them before they are finished because they start losing their shape. This week’s tip is about having candles last indefinitely, long after the party is over. How? Burn your new candle, but only until the empty well around the wick is deep enough for a...Read more
In The Home
As a lifestyle expert and designer I always find myself thinking outside the box and looking for inspiration and unexpected resources everywhere I go. This year—with a big focus on creativity and one stop shopping—I challenged myself not only to purchase everything I need for a festive lunch and dinner, but to create a tablescape that also infuses...Read more
As part of my preparations for my trip to London on Monday, I accelerated my garden chores so I may rest assured that Rosebrook Gardens will be in tip top shape while I’m gone.
sMARt Tips
Having a garage is a fabulous luxury as it makes for the perfect place to store holiday décor, gardening tools, and accessories; I’ve even heard—in rare circumstances—that if you somehow still have room, the car can even be tucked away and protected! That said, with all this stuff filling our garages, sometimes you can be...Read more
Last weekend I was invited to visit the North America Corporate headquarters for LEGO, located in Enfield, Connecticut.
Despite my love of casual luxury in the home and garden, and making a career of promoting that to others, I want to acknowledge that even I can’t keep things groomed and manicured at all times! Hurricane Sandy is gone and the assessments and clean-up begins.
As a former regional and sectional gold medal figure skating champion, I’ve had the honor to meet and work with many world-renowned skaters who—like me—have a deep passion for the sport.
As a dog owner I find tremendous happiness with my little miniature schnauzer, as my “fur baby” is there to comfort me in so many ways.
In The Home
There are Christmas trees and there are holiday trees. And, then there are TREEmendous trees. And I’m not talking about size. You know the ones I’m talking about, those fabulous trees that represent the heart and soul of the tree-trimming elf who takes on the responsibility of keeping the tradition alive. This role may change within the family...Read more
As a designer I focus on inventive and original designs that infuse Mother Nature’s colors and textures throughout the home and garden.
Design Details
Ghosts, goblins, witches and more...what do you fear showing up at your door? Maybe like some people I've met it's decorating for Halloween that truly sends a chill up your spine. "Monsters, schmonsters; how can I get through the haunted day with clever decorations but without sending my wallet to the morgue?"Read more
Garden Studio
You can bring your garden indoors using a small pumpkin to create a festive splash of fall color.Read more
Yup, literally. I know there are many people wondering what would possess me to go fly-fishing—the answer comes easy:
We eat outside, we cook outside, we read outside, we even sometimes nap outside; and y’know what?
As I enjoy my time away in the Hamptons, Violet and I have been wandering the beach endlessly as well as roaming the streets in the village, taking the time to shop, catch a bite, stock the fridge, etc.
My yearly ritual for the month of September has always been to pack up Mar Central and move to the Hamptons. Being a beach lover, and very fond of the end of the season sales, I more than willingly make the Hamptons my home away from home. Why? Well...
I believe in working hard and stepping up to every opportunity life has to offer, ready for the challenge and of course dressed for the part and in MARvelous shoes.
Rosebrook Gardens welcomes all to enjoy the beauty; the gardens combine with Mother Nature’s explosion of color and greenery as if to validate my hard work.
This week I was given the challenge to update the home of my Executive Producer for BetterTV—
With the Olympics officially over you might think this week’s post is referring to a silver medal but, truth be told, as fabulous as the Olympics were, this week’s blog is about silver flatware.
In The Home
I’m a firm believer that we should surround ourselves with living things—people, pets and plants. This sMARt tip is about the natural beauty of indoor terrariums. I’m no stranger to this concept, so much so I have even written an earlier article about a MARvelous glass garden, but this is different—now we are going topless and I love it!Read more
I love going to the movies and this week I shot a cameo that will actually be IN a movie! That's right, Mar Jennings is now also a paid actor in an independent film called Janie Charismanic
Life gets better when you watch Better TV! As a lifestyle expert for The Better Show, a nationally syndicated lifestyle TV program that aims to make your life "Better,"
We all know that Arbor Day is a holiday in which individuals and groups are encouraged to plant and care for trees. Although usually observed in the spring, I’m a firm believer that spring isn’t the only good time to plant a tree—...
Design Details
As seen on The Today Show, I was given the design challenge of re-doing a family's deck for under $250. Read on to see how I did it--and scroll down to see Before and After photos, and click the link to watch the segment. I designed the space to maximize how the family could use it--not just to eat, or sit, or grill, but all three. The overall...Read more
I have traveled the world in search of fun and relaxing destinations and I’ve been known to return to places that I love, but this recent assignment to Antigua was an extra treat because this time I was able to also discover the small island of...
You know, some things in life just demand a second act. Take my travel to Antigua/Barbuda--I was fortunate enough to come here a few months ago on a travel writing assignment and here I am back again shooting a special episode of Northeast Liivng!
For years I’ve been celebrating the 4 th of July while away on holiday, so when it fell on Wednesday this year—and I was home!—I decided to embrace our northern neighbors and celebrate their independence, too, as a way to kick off the week. Truth be...
I’m no stranger to showing my pearly whites and even though my teeth were not perfectly straight growing up, I was often told that I had a beautiful smile. However, over the past couple of years as I’ve grown a bit older I noticed, like many people...
For the past 16 years each summer I would look forward to and cherish my time trimming every last boxwood and evergreen on my property—and my adjacent neighbor’s too. I would clear my calendar and plan on two full days totally dedicated to this task...
Welcome to the NEW and improved! “Out with the old and in with the new” as they say, and this new dynamic website will offer many improvements and upgrades to make your visit more enjoyable and fun.
Last week I told you about an upcoming film shoot at my house; well, it happened this week, and there was drama on-screen as well as a little bit off.
You already know that Rosebrook Gardens has been the backdrop of many local and national lifestyle shows - everything from NBC's the Today Show to Better.TV to Fox CT's Northeast Living - but this coming week Rosebrook Gardens will become part of an independent film called Janie Charismanic.
There is nothing better than fresh flowers from the garden and having a four-season garden means I have an endless resource available to me. Unless of course I’m on a garden tour--then all bets are off as I keep the blooms on show in the yard and only focus on deadheading.
Hooray for Hollywood as this week I was off to Los Angeles--known also as La-la-land--for what was going to be an experience of a lifetime. It’s been over 10 years since I’ve visited L.A. so I was excited not only to see the big city again, but to make sure that I had time to mix business with pleasure.
This week we began shooting The Ultimate Backyard Makeover Show airing on FOX Connecticut on June 16th at 1:00PM. That said, yesterday I had the pleasure to meet the lucky Chowdhury family at their West Hartford home.
Out and About
MAR Central-My journey to Antigua began bright and early this morning as the car service picked me up at 4:30 a.m. Of course, I was ready to go. JFK-Antigua was a non-stop flight to heaven! Direct from New York JFK and still on Eastern Standard Time, you take a left at Cuba, pass over Haiti and find yourself landing in a magical oasis!Read more
This trip was more than just a great assignment, it was a connection with some very special people, not to mention nature. The beaches are just the beginning of what make this place so magical. As the waves crash on the pristine white sand, the smell of the ocean air chases away diurnal dilemmas.
Exciting, thrilling, and OTT news was received this week: Northeast Living, the show I host for Fox CT, was NOMINATED for an Emmy! Trust me when I tell you that everyone who works on this show has reason to be proud. When such a talented group of...
As the birds begin to build their nests and await their new babies, the white delicate flowers of the Bradford Pear take flight above every time the cool spring breeze captures its snowy, delicate petals.
This week I was busy with spring activities and the Fox CT Dream Wedding, so I took a break on Wednesday night to enjoy myself with some friends at our new watering hole the Spotted Horse Tavern in Westport.
This is the perfect time of year for me as I witness the beauty of Rosebrook Gardens unfolding with splendor — from the smallest tulips to the grandest majestic trees, no doubt it is spring time and Rosebrook Gardens leads the way.
This week I took a long emotional trip back in time to put on paper my journey as a designer and lifestyle expert. What I once was told were my weaknesses (an eye for esthetics.
I like to say that you can’t get MARried without MAR, so on Wednesday morning this week I was a correspondent for the FoxCT morning news, interviewing the three finalist couples for this year’s Dream Wedding.
Less than one month away the countdown begins, as one lucky couple will be chosen to be married live on FoxCT on April 13th, in an all-expenses-paid wedding. In preparation for this year’s show, I had the pleasure of creating and shooting my wedding sMARt tips in advance this week, and rather than sporting my traditional jacket with pocket square, my producer Irene suggested that we step it up to a tuxedo.
This morning as I wandered in the garden with my coffee I noticed the many daffodils and crocuses beginning to emerge and reach for the warm weather that has greeted us so early this season.
This week I traveled back in time over 250 years. The year was 1762, a time when a seaport town known as Derby was part of the English colony of Connecticut, and we were all subjects of His Majesty King George III of England.
This week I did several lectures at the Hartford Convention Center and being the professional that I am I always arrive early and ready to go long before my scheduled time. Trish, my VP of Marketing & Special Promotions, joined me on this excursion.
Rosebrook Gardens celebrates its 16-year birthday and I’m having a yearlong party of celebrations and you’re all invited to participate.
Yesterday on assignment for Northeast Living, I had the pleasure of meeting Chris and Teddie Salko, owners of Salko Farm & Stable, a family-owned farm in the quintessential New England setting of Greenfield Hills in Fairfield, CT.
As a connoisseur of good food, I’ve had the pleasure of dining in many great restaurants literally around the world. This past Wednesday, my good fortune continued at Tavern at Artisan in the new Delamar Southport Hotel in Southport, CT.
Just before going to Vancouver, Canada this month, I was in high gear getting organized and focused to make 2012 the year where I finally maximize my interior spaces to their fullest potential.
Okay... maybe it is spelled Mamma Mia. Be that as it may, I am a huge fan of this musical, so much so that I that I've seen it on opening night in both London and New York.
Have I confused you a moment? Did I expand my show across the country?
Well this week I shot a fun segment for Northeast Living: in my PJ’s. Yes that’s right, my PJ’s! An exciting new bed center recently opened on Main Street in downtown Westport and I went to check it out.
In The Home
There are many people that celebrate the Super Bowl like it is a holiday. In fact, for many football fans, winter only means one thing: The Big Game! It is estimated that 93.2 million people viewed last year's Super Bowl –last year over 40% of all US TV sets were tuned to the game.Read more
From my S&J Multimedia office in Westport, Connecticut - located in what is known to many as Rosebrook Gardens - I muse on the many wonderful experiences that this last year bestowed on me.
T'was the night before Christmas, and all through my house, Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
I’ve been looking forward to parties ever since I was a child—anticipating the activity, especially looking forward my parent’s parties so I could decorate and create not just MARvelous tablescapes but fun décor that was also playful as well.
In The Home
I love the holidays, and to me New Year's Eve is the perfect culmination of the season, as it's followed by a fresh, hopeful new beginning.Read more
I went back to school this week! Yes it’s true: to St. Paul Catholic High School in Bristol, Connecticut.
I returned yesterday from the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and yet feel as if I had been away for a month. Amazingly, I am well rested even though I worked every day on this assignment.
In The Home
Here’s my version of a hot apple cider toddy. I call it a Kra-Ze Hottie Toddy because it uses vodka instead! Leave a pot of this on the stove as your guests arrive and they will be welcomed by the homey scent of cinnamon and apples. But once they taste it they won’t be reminded of grandma’s apple cider!Read more
While millions are flocking to the malls and shops across the country searching for the best deals and gifts for the holidays, I’m nesting, putting my Fall/Winter wardrobe on hold and preparing for my trip to the British Virgin Islands.
In The Home
This drink is so refreshing—and beautiful when you freeze blueberries in the ice cubes. I like to serve it in straight-from-the-freezer MARtini glasses.Read more
It’s already Christmas at Rosebrook Gardens because I am in the throes of filming four, possibly five “Holiday Wishes” shows for Northeast Living.
Holiday décor: done! Christmas tree: done! Shooting the exteriors of Rosebrook Gardens for the Holiday Wishes edition of Northeast Living: done, done and done!
"Oh, help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi! You're my only hope." Now I know how Princess Leia felt as I joined the many in Connecticut and the Northeast who lost power and needed help.
I love to reuse, repurpose and redesign whenever possible, but sometimes when I think I’m done with a project I discover an amazing item calling my name. And when that happens I make sure I pay attention to three important rules.
I am dog lover…. no bones about it! But for me, nothing is better than Schnauzer love in the form of a big wet kiss…from my little four-legged best friend, Violet, also my cherished child.
I love all of the four seasons but there’s something about fall that makes me MARry. Perhaps it’s the orange I see everywhere in the falling leaves. In the past year, I have come to embrace orange and it has become my new favorite accent color.
What a treat I had this Thursday! I had the opportunity to oversee Connecticut Arborists work their magic on Rosebrook Gardens. Fall time is the best time to trim your trees; they arrived with their trucks lining the street prepared to get right to work.
My miniature schnauzer, Violet Annabelle Rose Von Schhnorkenheimer, is what I like to refer to as my "fur baby". I adore my little girl but she is growing up so quickly.
Ever since I was a child I have always been fascinated by time travel. Any movie, book or article about the subject of moving between different points in time still makes me stop what I’m doing.
Just coming off of the Dream Room Make Over show, and actively working on my weekly show Northeast Living I guess you can say I've been rather busy–or BEE-zy. Mother Earth unfolds deep rich colors and new textures that are synonymous with autumn in the air.
This week I returned back from my Southampton get-a-way to finish the last few details for the Dream Room Maker Over reveal.
Last weekend as I prepared for hurricane Irene I was also really focused on my Dream Room Make Over show, and as a result I was behind the eight ball when it came to buying any supplies. Thank goodness my neighbor Katie took up the slack in my planning and offered me a flashlight and some food should I need it.
Did you feel it? Of the many things I love most about living on the east coast, there are a few things I thought were absolute truths: the fact that we have defined changes between the seasons, the celebration of the lobster roll, and that we don’t have any real earthquakes.
I realized how that simple core idea (and the magic of planning) now simply lights up my life!
Last weekend I went on a buying trip for a beach house I’m styling on Cape Cod. I zipped through the stores, pulling things that embrace the cool blue water theme of this beachside cottage.
Last Friday I invited a dozen friends from New York City to visit Rosebrook Gardens in its sumMAR splendor. With the hydrangeas in their full glory and my roses blooming again, guests arrived just in time to witness
Hosting Northeast Living allows me to visit and meet some of the most amazing people and places in Connecticut. That said, I began my week interviewing the former actor turned Artistic Director for the Westport Country Playhouse: Mark Lamos.
What a huge success last weekend was, as I flew to Atlanta for a presentation of my new lecture series “Four Seasons of Design.” I invited Trish, my VP of Special Events and Promotions, to join me.
In The Garden
Okay, so I've been told I'm a little more "off kilter" than most, and over the years I built my company on the unique differences that makes me, well, me: Mar Jennings.Read more
Every Wednesday I work at the FOXCT corporate offices in Hartford, and while making some calls for a Northeast Living segment I spoke with a woman named Renee who asked me “Are you the Mar Jennings?”
AmericasMart is the nation’s leading gift, home furnishings and lifestyle marketplace and the largest trade mart/tradeshow complex of its kind in the world.
It’s July 1st and so for all my Canadian followers: Happy Canada Day, and happy 144th birthday, Canada!
I love vacations, especially mini vacations that take me away for a nice long weekend. That said, yesterday I escorted my dear friend Lori to Massachusetts as she took her daughter to Cape Cod Sea Camps in Brewster, MA.
Out and About
We’ve all been there—that messy, dusty, grimy car that sits in our driveway screaming for a wash. Oh what to do? A dirty car is without a doubt unpleasant to see. If you’re like most you’ll try not to notice just how bad it really is.Read more
Last weekend I decided to enjoy my new Lillian August outdoor dining room furniture by having some friends over for dinner. That said, what better entrée to serve under the early-summer stars than a lobster boil.
One of the greatest rewards in cultivating and creating Rosebrook Gardens is getting Mother Earth’s seal of approval. This may be displayed in various ways:
As a lifestyle expert I like to inform and inspire people with simple yet clever tips that make life and family easy and fun.
In The Home
Over the years, I've always enjoyed collecting beautiful antique books. My first acquisition was a 1937 edition of Margaret Mitchells', Gone With the Wind, although it's first printing was in 1936, fiddle dee dee and la di da! I'll think about that toMARrow.Read more
In The Home
I love candles. And I especially love my own candles, of course (available by clicking on the SHOP icon on my website), because they are 100% natural with a cotton wick and essential oils.Read more
You all know how much I love my shoes. Dress shoes, casual shoes, gardening shoes and even the most casual flip-flop can find a special place in my closet.
As I prepare for this years’ garden tour on May 29th benefiting the Mercy Learning Center in Bridgeport, Connecticut, I have found myself counting down the days to when I will receive the first visitors to Rosebrook Gardens.
This week I had the opportunity to meet Michael Kors at a fashion show of his fall collection. How exciting it was to be invited. Thank you, Donna!
No matter how many people come to visit Rosebrook Garden everyone is always amazed that I master the sometimes daunting task of not only cultivating my garden but maintaining her as well.
While the world focuses its attention on Friday's "Royal Wedding" of Kate Middleton and Prince William, I have set my eyes these past few weeks on my royal weeding.
In The Home
As spring emerges, so does my creativity. Point in case, who said that flowers were the only acceptable table display? Mother Nature provides us with so many lush, green and edible textures, typically referred to as "produce" by many of us, so why not merge the two in a glass vessel? When you do you have what I like to call the "Vita, Veta, Vegi...Read more
Spanning the state for Northeast Living segments always provides me with the pleasure of meeting some of the best people and places that make living here so great.
Lights camera action! You’re on the air and before you know it your time is done. They say if you love what you do time flies. Add the fact that I’m having fun and it goes at warp speed.
It's Friday, and hello from Westchester, Pennsylvania, headquarters to QVC. This trip I asked Violet to join me. As we took a break from last night's live show she jumped on the bed to curl up by my side, as if to say "You did good daddy, real good."
This week I was on the Merritt Parkway, here in CT, heading home from a location shoot, and I was pulled over and ticketed for a speeding violation.
Yes that's right - but only to have her mother take her away. Babies and kids are wonderful parts of our lives and I try to surround myself with children for both their playfulness and loving capacity.
On Monday I had the pleasure to announce - live on the FoxCT Morning Show - the winners of this year’s 2011 Dream Wedding!
I’m excited to announce the debut of my new weekend show Northeast Living. A unique new lifestyle series featuring dining, travel, cooking, shopping, and all things special about living in the Northeast.
Why wait for spring when you have MARch? That’s my motto. Every day that the sun is out this month is an opportunity to visit your garden and see what’s new or needing attending.
Over the last few weeks I’ve turned my attention indoors for some small upgrades and renovations. These mini projects don’t take much time to do but do take some scheduling juggling.
Well it’s been a while but I can finally see the grass again and I tell you I’m so happy. A warm spell is clearly in the area and so I’ll embrace the sun and jump into the garden to asses the damage that old man winter brought.
With my QVC premiere over - it was a rush! - I returned to Connecticut for some much needed schnauzer love and kisses. I was delighted to find my new bathroom skylight installed.
What ever do I mean? I mean QVC of course. I am now an on-air garden host for Cottage Farms on QVC. That’s right! You and a few million of my closest friends can now see me right in the comfort of your own home. How fun is that?
Design Details
Ever since I can remember, I‘ve always tried to be incredibly resourceful and innovative with things that were, oftentimes, ready for the trash. I relish the beauty of finding old things and making them into something new.Read more
Yes it’s true, I’m having an affair with my house, and my new cedar shingle roof has officially validated my love and passion for my home. Add copper details and now it’s an affair to remember for a lifetime.
In The Home
The holidays are officially over, and the house looks somewhat bare - and maybe even a bit humdrum and empty - after the ho ho ho of the holidays has been packed awayRead more
Rosebrook Gardens is officially a winter mess. As the snow continues to pile up and the workers continue to dig their equipment out I can only hope that the end results will be worth the current disaster zone.
It's A Dog's Life
Lord have mercy…what is going on! I’m told that my previous chronicling of my arrival up North created quite a fuss. And I’ve been asked innumerable times when will I meander back to the computer to update my fans on my life and latest adventures.Read more
If Mother Nature is going to give us so much snow this year then I decided I would just have to embrace the winter wonderland and have some good outdoor fun.
Here in Connecticut there is no sign of warmer temperatures anytime soon, so a dose of spring is just what I need.
I’m no cheerleader, but with December 31st only days away I’m cheering the end of 2010 with great excitement at welcoming 2011.
Monday night I had the pleasure to be invited to The National Arts Club, founded in 1898 by Charles de Kay, located in the historic Tilden Mansion on the west side of Gramercy Park.
With the holiday season in full swing and Christmas next weekend I find myself relishing this time of year with great holiday cheer. Perhaps the secret is that Violet celebrated her second birthday on December 12th!
In The Home
"Raindrops on roses and kisses from Violet, Kind-hearted neighbors, my garden all quiet, Massive hydrangeas tied back with strings, These are a few of my favorite things."Read more
Last week as my show premiered on FOXCT I came down from my overwhelming excitement to prepare and participate in our first neighborhood progressive party on Saturday night
In The Home
For me, the holiday season is all about the sparkle: the sparkle in our eyes, the sparkle in our homes and the sparkle in the joyous season we call "the holidays."Read more
I was watching an old movie a couple of nights ago, and one of the characters, after something wonderful happened to him, said "Pinch me!"
This Thanksgiving I had the pleasure to take a break from cooking and to have the opportunity to become a guest. Truth be told, when an invitation was presented—and knowing my hectic schedule filming and preparing for my Holiday Specials—I quickly accepted: “Yes! And what may I bring?”
This week was a whirlwind of exciting activity. I have been happily zooming all over the state of Connecticut. Why?
Last weekend fans of comedic legend Robert Klein got to experience Robert’s comedy first hand at the Westport County Playhouse.
The holiday season is already in full swing here at Rosebrook Gardens as I prepare for my new holiday specials airing on FOX Connecticut in December. This year I created a refreshingly neutral holiday scheme that compliments my new home décor. It’s all about the glitz so silver is the dominate color with tones of frosty grays.
It’s official: I’m the new in-house lifestyle expert and TV host for CT1 Media, a division of the Fox CT network.
In The Garden
I have always enjoyed the Hamptons and each summer I look forward to my visit. Nothing represents the Hamptons better than the iconic over-the-top privet hedge. No matter what neighborhood, privet is the most common choice for creating privacy and grandness for homes of any size. So, with all these amazing perfectly manicured hedges in mind, I...Read more
Why do they call it a “Manicure” if most of the clientele are women? I do like to pamper myself quite regularly for a manicure (no polish of course) because playing in the dirt and then being on TV requires groomed hands and fingernails to get a passing grade on set.
I love babies, all kinds of babies: puppies, kittens, anything small that I can hold in my arms. You may not know this about me but I also adore children. Up to now I’ve only had "Fur" babies but when a real baby comes into my life I’m excited to spoil them and hold them for as long as possible.
In The Home
There are no better resources than the "free" ones, and this project is all about rocking on with rocks. Beach pebbles or garden rocks work well when you apply a little imagination. Over the years, I’ve discovered the beauty of stones and rocks as a wonderful resource.Read more
October is filled with color and textures, and there is no better way to get an instant pop of freshness than by adding some Chrysanthemums in your life. Available just about anywhere this time of year, I enjoy these classic perennials that burst a bold punch of color on lush dense leaves.
The summer is officially over and my month-long vacation in Southampton has come to an end. Back home the transformations continue as I reveal my new interior designs concepts, all inspired by my casual luxury brand.
My vacation in the Hamptons for lack of a better word has been simply MARvelous! It’s hard to believe that September is almost over. As October draws near I relish the last warm beach days, throwing the ball to Violet, and dining al fresco.
I’ve been on a glorious vacation enjoying my SumMAR cottage in Southampton, and although I miss my home in Connecticut I know it’s being well attended - and some exciting new things have even taken place there while I’ve been away (but that’s another blog, so you’ll have to wait until my return.)
Greetings from Long Island... As you know, I’m on holiday in Southampton, NY and with a nice long weekend, I decided to fill “Casa del MAR” with some of my wonderful neighbors from Connecticut. I adore them and like to refer to them as family.
You may be surprised to learn that I love, love, did I mention love, shoes… and lots of them. Hello everyone, meet the male “Carrie Bradshaw” of shoes.
Have you ever been to Southampton? The village is one of ten towns located in the Suffolk County area on Long Island, and is approximately 80 miles from my New York City.
It’s been a while since I blogged about my miniature schnauzer, Violet Annabelle Rose Von Schnorkenheimer, and now that she’s 18 months, fully grown and 12 lbs, I can undoubtedly say she is a teenager.
Garden Studio
I'm a master guru when it comes to spaces and maximizing their full potential. Whether it be a closet, family room or garage, rest assured I’ll come up with several clever and resourceful ways to make the space functional and beautiful while being smart about the plan.Read more
This week, as the weather finally broke from the high 90 degree temperatures, I was delighted to return to the garden for some much needed weeding and trimming. This summer, with the heat making it unbearable to be outside, I focused my attention inside on some new fun projects for the upcoming fall season. Stay tuned for those!
Not long ago I rediscovered just how much I love to nap. As a child we are contently reminded and encourage to take naps, but as we get older those encouragements and allowances disappear, and napping becomes a luxury rather than a routine. So I’m here to say, "Take back the afternoon nap." Upgrade the nostalgic experience in a hammock. Just mentioning the word “hammock” brings a feeling of relaxation over my body—your, too, I’ll bet. To me the hammock is like no other al fresco experience.
With the summer in full swing, and with the hazy, hot and humid weather becoming the norm here in Connecticut, I’ve been busy inside my studio writing new articles and creatively working with my website designer(s) to bring you a new and improved website. From the coolest ideas to fun projects, from recipes to yum-yum cocktails, is the place to be.
It's A Dog's Life
If you’re an animal lover you understand how a person can love and adore a pet. They are a family member, a companion, and one who can keep any secrets you may have. (Not that I have any, but it’s good to know that someone in my life can keep their mouth shut should I entice them with a homemade treat.)Read more
When my fabulous friends Carol and Peter have a summer soiree you can count on me being there. Last Sunday was no exception as they celebrated the end of a successful all-day garden tour to benefit the national Garden Conservancy Open Days Program. I arrived with my lovely date, Barbara, to this magnificent estate.
Last night I had the pleasure to be part of a special fundraising event for the Norma F. Pfriem Breast Care Center Institute at Bridgeport Hospital--a member of the prestigious National Consortium of Breast Care Centers. This magical event, called Romancing Mother Nature. From the start this event was MAR-ed—of course in a good way, as 12 of my signature “casual luxury” projects were prominently scatted throughout the venue as the basis for a fun scavenger hunt.
This week I interviewed a local farmer for Better TV. Her name: Judy Morris, the owner of Coop D'etat — your go-to "chick with chicks." Judy also happens to work for Martha Stewart as a special project producer, and she invited me to her farm to experience the world of farm living.
In The Garden
Yes, it’s possible! But no—there is no need to lace-up! That’s because the skills and knowledge of the sport can offer great insight to a well-thought-out garden design, whether you participate yourself on the ice or are a world-class observer on your couch.Read more
This morning I awoke early, and as it was such a glorious day I took a stroll in the yard to take in the fresh, cool air and pay homage to all that is beautiful in the garden. Feeling extremely refreshed and - unlike other mornings when I find myself juggling both a camera and a Starbucks coffee.
I oversee my garden like a parent, and just like a proud father I think of each plant as my children—taking time to support them when they're wet, move them out when they need more room to grow, and cut off a limb when its sick. (Okay, maybe that last one is not really a great parenting strategy, but you get the picture.) Nevertheless I take care of their overall well-being. And proudly, I might add.
Every person dreams, and pretty much every night, too. Personally, my subconscious mind has taken me to some of the most wonderful and magical places. They feel so profoundly realistic; I like to think it’s because I’m a creative person. Luckily I seldom experience nightmares...
Design Details
I love to entertain, and setting a fabulous table is an essential part of establishing the ambiance, creating anticipation for a memorable experience that is to come—and at times can even pardon any food faux pas that may occur. Recently, I decided that I would focus on creating a complete tabletop design dedicated to Mother Earth.Read more
“If you build it they will come” was the theme from the Kevin Costner movie Field of Dreams, in which an Iowa corn farmer hears voices to build a baseball diamond in his backyard cornfield. You know, from time to time people have accused me of hearing voices, and I’ll admit: I truly have at one point in my life. Hmm, what voices did I hear
Hi. My name is Mar Jennings and I’m a Plantaholic. There I’ve said it. And if that statement isn’t enough, my garden is the proof. Large or small, flowering or evergreen, my addiction to plants began long ago. My grandmother introduced me to the rewards she received from loving her indoor plants.
I’m writing you, dear Readers, from gay Pari. By the time you read this, I will be nestled back at Rosebrook Gardens with my beloved Violet. Although I’ve been to Paris several times before, this was the first combination business and pleasure trip.
Design Details
As I pondered this years’ garden parties, I found myself wondering how I could create even more visual interest and design detail in my garden whilst offering clever function and purpose at the same time. Strolling back to my pergola, I searched to see what new signature MARk could be added that would capture the eye and offer an element of the...Read more
Last weekend I had the pleasure to be a guest speaker for the Theatre of New Canaan’s Spring Awakening benefit at Le Beau Chateau, in New Canaan, Connecticut. The rooms were full of fabulous table-top designs by notable interior designers. The designs were inspired by popular Broadway shows such as “A Secret Garden,” “Jekyll & Hyde,” “Peter Pan,” “Phantom of the Opera” and “A Little Night Music.
It’s a little bit of work and a little bit of fun, but regardless, I’m officially off to Paris this Thursday for what will be a wonderful experience, of Paris in the spring time. That said, my assistant pulled my passport only to notice it was expired. Yikes, what to do? Before I delve into that process, I have a question...
It's A Dog's Life
I am a Southern Belle. Yes, it’s true. I was born in West Virginia on a cold December day. I’d already been promised to someone but I didn’t know that at the time, and wasn’t to meet them until two months later.Read more
I love my neighbors! There - I've said it! I have always found my neighbors to be a wonderful addition to my life in Westport. My next-door neighbor Barbara started the evolution of “loving thy neighbor” by arriving with an apple pie just after I moved in, a gesture of welcome that would soon become the new tradition on the street. Several homeowners have come and gone since then, but it’s Barbara—and now I—who hold the record for being on the street the longest.
In The Home
Having an apartment in New York offers many benefits, aside from the obvious convenience for when I’m required to be in the city for work. Foremost is the ability to enjoy city life and what the city has to offer. Unlike my Connecticut home, New York offers a different perspective on shopping, culture, and dining;Read more
Today’s such a beautiful day, as I watch breeze blow through the crabapple blooms, catapulting the pedals into flight. Today, rather than waste a perfectly beautiful day in the office tending to my company, I took a few minutes to capture the spectacular display of buds just waiting to pop.
Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970. Designed to inspire appreciation for and awareness of Earth’s environment by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson. It is now celebrated in more than 70 countries every year. And it also happens to be my well birthday!
The beginning of this first gardening season of the new decade brings great excitement, as more than 350 gardens across the country will open their gates for The Garden Conservancy’s Open Day program.
If you’ve ever seen—or heard of—the famous movie “Miracle on 34th Street”, you know it’s all about how something wonderful happens at Macy’s in New York City, on Christmas. While it certainly isn’t the Christmas season now, I think I can claim to have had my own “something wonderful” recently.
Over the years I have had the pleasure to participate in many Home and Garden shows across the country, and as my 2010-2011 schedule continues to book I’m always excited about the new locations, groups and states I’ll be visiting and sharing my brand of living. My lifestyle/guru skills help others get inspired and motivated to embrace their gardens and homes with a casual luxury approach.
As you know these days I’m sporting a new look, wearing my Oliver Peoples glasses. And regardless if I’m wearing jeans or dressing up I have two distinct looks that work. I’m a “two” man: “too” much sometimes, “two” more, or my favorite: “to” you darling.
In The Home
Old Man Winter, Jack Frost, Heat Meister and Mother Nature all have one thing in common: they're related in one way or another. But its Mother Nature who is in charge in my book and whom I adore and can count on, therefore she is always welcomed in my home.Read more
The only thing missing last week was a house landing on a witch. The state of Connecticut is recovering from the powerful rain and windstorm that tore through Westport last weekend, bringing down trees, power lines and flooding our downtown and surrounding neighborhoods.
Out and About
Tired of reading everyone else’s list of Do’s and Don’ts for finding a job? For over 20 years, I have interviewed hundreds of people for positions ranging from entry level to senior management. Here is all the research done for you, a “boiled down for business” summary, if you will, of the things that make a truly great impression and will make...Read more
I had the pleasure to be asked to be a chaperone for a Sweet 16 Party last weekend, and because no one has ever trusted me with that kind of responsibility I immediately said yes.
This week I was reading my local paper and fell upon an article - memories of downtown’s Main Street, circa 1960. This got my attention as it also included a fabulous map detailing the stores that lined our Main Street back then, dominated by “mom & pop” stores.
Recently I was hired to be a guest speaker in Farmington, Connecticut, to talk about my signature style of creating casual luxury. I was joined by Lisa, my candle line business partner, and we were off to meet the ladies and enjoy a meal with them; my presentation was for after dinner. We left Westport around 5:00pm and as the sun set I noticed how difficult it was getting for me to read the street signs. Recently I also noticed I was having some difficulties reading the text on my iPhone. “Oh no!” I yell to Lisa, “It’s happening!” “What?” she replied.
This week I had the honor to be top billing for and featured speaker at the Connecticut Flower and Garden Show in Hartford, Connecticut. The Convention Center was transformed into a breathtaking event for floral and garden enthusiasts, and with over 250 booths overflowing with fresh flowers, plants, herbs, bulbs, seeds and garden accessories this was my version of the gardening super bowl, and with over 45,000 square feet of gardens, plants and flowers it was also like a dress rehearsal for spring.
Every February across the country, candy, flowers and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine. That said, with all this love in the air my heart skips a beat just thinking about just how lucky I am to have both people that I love and ones who love me back.
With the Winter Olympic games just around the corner it’s hard not to reminisce about my former skating career. Just like millions of Americans, I too, have been glued to the television watching my fellow skaters compete to capture a place on the 2010 Olympic Team in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
It’s cold outside and thank goodness I have my Violet to cuddle up and sit on my lap to keep me warm. She’s better than a blanket, in fact right now while working on the computer writing this blog she is fast asleep on my lap thisclose to me at all times, offering me some extra heat and well-deserved schnauzer love.
Garden Studio
I know lots of people who wish they could develop a “green thumb” but who have given up because they don’t have a house or garden space. This article is for you—and, frankly, for anyone who works! Office plants can be the perfect way to introduce “being green” into your life as they offer a great way to brighten up your workspace and improve your...Read more
Garden Studio
Some people go stir-crazy waiting for Spring to come. After you read this you might decide it’s better to “go nuts” instead! A bright floral spring display and fragrant aroma is always welcoming when snow is on the ground and old man winter keeps reminding us that he is still in charge.Read more
My first trip to the Napa Valley area will forever be one to cherish. My dear friend Jason was celebrating his 50th birthday and what better way for a wine aficionado to celebrate than to visit the wineries. That said, along the way I met some wonderful, knowledgeable people that help made this a memorable experience of a lifetime.
Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of making friends with lots of lovely single women, many of whom have been married once or twice. Sooner or later their desire to be with a man quickly became the “hot topic” of many of our conversations. Before I knew it I was the “how to find a man” resource for other women as well. I’ve helped them all from what not to wear to what not to do or say.
New Year's Eve has always been a time for us to reflect upon the past and look to the future. (All while dressed in our best from head to toe—as my friend Lori’s shoes clearly demonstrate!) A new year brings new opportunities, new challenges and most importantly changes. Not as in changing our mind set to write 2010 rather than 2009, deeper than that.
This is the best time of year, when good friends visit and Uncle Marsley’s chores increase. Not having any children of my own - unless you count Miss Violet - I'm lucky to be referred to as an "uncle" by my friends’ kids even though my siblings have no children. And at this rate, will never.
The holidays are a wonderful time to enjoy friends and family and to celebrate the good cheer, good times and good will. This past week I ventured into the city to meet up with a group of friends for the yearly tradition of the annual Christmas walk and dinner. My friend Don is the one who religiously plans this yearly festival—he’s truly the spirit of Christmas. In fact, he’s the most into-Christmas person I know, so much so that he refers to himself as “Elf” during the holidays. So this year I wanted to step up the festivities so I brought one of my elves to help celebrate the season and it got everyone’s attention. We called him "Elfie" and he was a big hit.
Last Wednesday my executive producer notified me that I would be interviewing JoJo Starbuck on Friday at the Rockefeller Center skating rink in New York City. Many of you will remember JoJo with her partner Kenneth Shelley, as a three-time United States pair skating champion (1970-1972) and two-time Olympian (1968 and 1972). Imagine how happy I was - thinking to myself "Me, Mar Jennings, former regional and sectional figure skating champion and, yes, once a pair skater on the ice, skating with and interviewing JoJo Starbuck!"
In The Home
After recently being on the Martha Stewart Radio show to talk about my Lemon Bouquet idea, I thought it would be a good time to revamp my prior “how to” article and give it a fresh new upgrade.Read more
Wow December is here and today I realize Violet's birthday is on the12th, and she will celebrate her first birthday. She's a big girl now, fully trained, filled with personally and a collection of fabulous sweaters and rhinestone necklaces. Where has the time gone? It seems as if it was only yesterday when I brought the little bundle of joy home, one that would heal my heart and give me unconditional love and kisses.
In The Home
Burlap - yes, hard-working burlap - has been inspiring designers for years, but not without the added creativity needed to shape beauty from this workmanlike fabric. I remember being a child and finding new and creative ways to use it. I stapled it on my walls in my bedroom and I even upholstered a headboard when I was in college. It was an...Read more
Thanksgiving is over and we had many things to be thankful for this year: a successful career, good health, love, and friends and family. Thanksgiving for me has many family memories, some good and some bad. For example, one year my father did a nose-dive right into the turkey as he prepared to carve it. We laughed and laughed, as Mother (Aurora) took him off to bed and told the story how “he had been up since 5am cooking the 25 lbs turkey.” Later we learned he had been “celebrating” since 5am, too.
A busy time of year for me: filming, designing and working on new holiday and Spring articles. Truth be told, I love this time of year, and on Tuesday I did a demo/lecture on how to make your own holiday/winter door wreath. I demonstrated to the Saqua Garden Club, along with two of the members who helped me, how to do the same at home. We had a blast, as I can talk, walk and do a demo all at the same time.
Design Details
I'm all about rethinking the traditional ways of doing things. I call it a modern way of life and I make sure there are no rules to inhibit my creativity. I’m open-minded and I consider fresh new ideas that bring back the past in new creative ways. That said, here is a great way to create some reflection, conversation and illumination to something...Read more
Yes, its true, the holiday season has officially begun here at Rosebrook Gardens, and now that I’m ready I somehow feel as if I’m forgetting something. Perhaps it’s because Halloween was not even over when the boxes were removed from the attic and Violet got her first glimpse what I’d be adding designing and creating. A lot to wonder at! That said, the garlands have been hung, the Elves have been released and the holiday glitz has been displayed throughout the house.
As I look into my garden I mentally prepare for the transformation that will soon take place. I enjoy my garden’s lingering blooms knowing that in the spring there will be a rebirth. Rosebrook Gardens is all about planning for each season and carefully selecting plants and shrubs that will compliment each other both visually and functionally. Now I can begin fall relaxed, knowing that the garden will be at rest and so will I.
In The Home
As the fall colors begin to burst forth and the chilly nights remind us that our down jackets and warm sweaters are not far off, there’s no better time to create an indoor autumn centerpiece that captures the colors and textures of the season. The perfect table creation awaits you in this simple, clever project that offers months of enjoyment with...Read more
As I entered my office today preparing to write my blog, my precious little schnauzer followed me into the room and immediately jumped onto my lap, licking my face and nibbling my nose. As if she doesn’t get enough cuddling and loving by the many people who come and take her away for long drives, shopping trips and walks in the park. It’s only when they return that I’m asked, "Oh Mar, how are you doing today?"
Out and About
Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of making friends with lots of lovely single women, many of whom have been married once or twice. Sooner or later their desire to be with a man quickly became the “hot topic” of many of our conversations. Before I knew it, I was the “how to find a man” resource for other women as well.Read more
Recently my dear friend and former Westport neighbor Barbara asked if I was available to join her on a wonderful mini vacation to Vermont. As a superb destination for country drives, mountain trails and walks both Violet and I were delighted to check our schedule (yes she too has a schedule) and regrettably I was booked for some appearances and unable to say yes. Before I was even done whispering my regrets "no" the question came - the one that any proud Daddy would fear.
Another amazing week as I hosted the "Come+Together" culinary event at Macy’s yesterday in Farmington, Connecticut. I was honored and delighted to help support this important cause.
In The Home
To understand where I shop one has to understand how I shop. Over the years I’ve created the three principals that forever guide me to the best practices and places.Read more
Well actually, I went to her. To my surprise yesterday my CFO, Paul Mitchell coordinated two 2nd row center seats to the Carrie Fisher Broadway show Wishful Drinking in New York City at Studio 54.
What an exciting week as I hosted houseguests, balanced work and supervised my house painters. Rosebrook Gardens is getting a paint job after 14 years and everyone is amazed that it’s lasted that long. Here’s my secret…it’s stain, not paint.
This title of course will make you think of the 1954 classic movie with Judy Garland and James Mason, or perhaps the somewhat less-stellar 1976 version with Barbara Streisand. Maybe some of you see the word “star” and think of those Hollywood Boulevard “Walk of Fame” stars that pay tribute to over 2000 artists who have made significant contributions to film, radio, television, theatre and the recording industries?
This week was an exciting week as I proudly announced the launch of the Mar Jennings Casual Luxury Home Candle Line. On Wednesday, I introduced the line on the Martha Stewart Radio show and in less than 20 minutes we were sold out.
It’s been years since I picked up a paint brush and painted my home as over the years I’ve had the luxury to have trusted painters who take excellent direction and are as meticulous as I am when I did paint for myself. But last Friday was different as I woke up wanting to do something creative, thus the paintbrush found its way back into my life.
Working from my home offices allows me great flexibility to tend to my business, gardens and of course my miniature schnauzer Violet as well. From my office each window frames views that make me feel like there are paintings placed there for my enjoyment.
Out and About
Now more than ever, as jobs remain scarce and those who are working even feel “lucky” to be in a job that they “loathed” a few months ago, we have to work that much harder to be noticed and appreciated. Americans find themselves tightening their wallets and becoming more aware of how they spend money. Sound familiar?Read more
For many of us loving a pet comes with many rewards but understanding our pets can be sometimes challenging - unless you have a dog like my Violet Von Schhnorkenheimer. This now - 12lbs bundle of joy has no issues communicating to me or anyone else for that matter.
As a former regional and sectional figure skating champion I know a little something about commitment and drive; after all I have been skating my whole life. Truth be told, I’ve met thousands of people over the years who love/adore the sport and have dreamed of doing the Hamill camel, the axel and other graceful moves that only a figure skater can do. I used to take for granted being able to do them myself, but I’ve learned that for others this ability would be a dream come true.
My love for Julia Child began in the 70’s when I was only a child and I used her cookbook as a booster seat at the dinner table. I was not cooking then, but who knew that this 684-plus page book would go from my butt to my head in less than 30 years. Mastering the Art of French Cooking; by Julia Child, Louisette Bertholle and Simone Beck is forever a valuable resource and staple to have in the kitchen.
It was time for me to take a well deserved vacation so I decided to head off like so many other New Yorkers to Fire Island for an extended long weekend. With its pristine sand dune beaches and magical scenery, Fire Island takes my breath away each and every time I visit. The perfect place to read, relax and visit some friends, and with no cars on the island one never has to worry about other people drinking and driving.
In The Home
In keeping with my SumMAR Picnic theme here is a tasty treat that will inspire you to go on a picnic even if you’re only venturing out to your own back yard. One warning: once you taste it you’ll be hungry for more. Invite some friends or you’ll find yourself finishing it throughout the day.Read more
This summer I began to think about how I could change my behavior and make better choices to protect our most precious natural resource, Mother Earth. For me, it was making a commitment to change. As an avid gardener, I believe that I already have a great start - but the question for all of us is "What more can we do?"
In The Home
This is the perfect sumMAR salad that is great for picnics. Why? Several reasons. First, there is no mayonnaise so you don’t have to worry about it spoiling in the summer heat. Secondly, it can be used as a base for grilled fish, chicken or meat. And lastly, it’s fabulous served with tortilla chips as a dip or with rice as a nice lunch or simple...Read more
There is nothing like a hometown crowd and I was fortunate to have two such occasions this week. Early in the week, I spoke at a local Rotary Club luncheon about starting my own business and getting paid while finding your passion.
Finally weather that we can enjoy... and I have. I took my Vespa all the way to my favorite farm stand in Easton and now daily to the gym. I feel really about the all the gas and money I’m saving while working on my tan. For me, I need all the help I can get.
Design Details
Rosebrook Gardens is no different than any other home as it, too, requires maintenance and attention to maintain it’s distinctive charm. Nothing last forever and the elements of mother earth continue to knock on my door. Maintaining our homes is part of the price we pay to enjoy them for years to come. Without us their future is undoubtedly at...Read more
It’s Friday and tomorrow is the 4th of July. Where has the year gone? With only five more months till December I feel 2009 has been zooming by. This 4th of July weekend I will fill my home with friends and spend some much needed time at the beach reading and taking in the New England shoreline beauty. That said, Thursday was my one-day to prepare the house and get all my shopping done.
I’m seriously considering trading my car in for an ark. It’s hard to get motivated with the continuous rain here in Connecticut - frustrating because every time I went to New York this week I had the best weather. So while I was here in Westport I needed some fabulous fun rain activities to get me out of the depressing funk.
The rain streak broke long enough-and just in time for-my Saturday tag sale, and the results were nothing less than amazing as 20-30 people arrived early to be first in line to get in on the deals. A garage sale, yard sale or tag sale may be all the same but but a "Mar" sale is unlike any you will ever experience.
Did you know that June is National Rose Month in the United States? Here at Rosebrook it is obvious from the moment you enter the property as the aroma of the collection of roses lifts your spirit and take you to a far away place. You’re in the downtown Westport area, but for most this is an oasis that could very well be in the English countryside. This is my home and my roses greet you proudly as do I.
This week Rosebrook Gardens was somewhat of a construction zone as I began some dramatic exterior home improvements. I began with realizing I needed to finally replace my front balcony and back railing, but once I started my tally of tasks I found it hard not do those other little things that have been annoying me.
In The Home
This entertaining season why not consider this easy shrimp recipe that’s perfect as an appetizer or even an entrée.Read more
I hope you had a restful and wonderful long Memorial Day weekend and enjoyed the pleasure of having a short week. This year, I celebrated the holiday at home with friends, tending to my garden and training my now 24-week-old schnauzer. You might think that’s not much fun, but in spite of all the invitations for barbecues, I chose to pass and simply unwind at Rosebrook Gardens.
The garden is exploding with color and blooms just ready to burst. The poppies, the peonies and the lilacs are just an example of the world of delight that takes place in life on Mar's.
Just last Friday I had the pleasure to be booked at the Hill-Stead Museum in Farmington, Connecticut for a lecture and PowerPoint presentation about how I created a four-season garden. I revealed over a hundred new photographs that have never been seen or published.
A new trend in home and garden living is to define living spaces outside. Known as "outdoor rooms", these spaces range from the simple and obvious (think of your deck or patio) to the ornate and elaborate. My book, Life On Mar’s A Four Season Garden will awakens all your senses to make your garden functional, beautiful and attainable.
Welcome back to my blog! Last Saturday I returned back to New York to visit with my dear friend Lisa, recovering from surgery in style as she is lucky enough to have a friend who lives at the St. Regis. Violet joined me.
A full week traveling between Connecticut and New York, business and pleasure. But first I began with a photo session with the very talented Tom Lialios of Sono Creative Media in Norwalk, CT. Four wardrobe changes later--and about 300 photos to consider--we finished with some of the best press shots that have ever been taken of me/us. It could be that the schnauzer was so into it that it was scary.
In The Home
You all wanted more recipes so I heard you loud and clear. This month a MARvelous quiche recipe that’s perfect for a brunch. Who said real men don’t eat quiche? Well, you haven’t tried this amazing recipe.Read more
This week while my friend Mary was on vacation living the good life in Hawaii I offered to take care of her dog Elizabeth until she returned this Monday. If you read my blog last week you might remember that Mary has a fabulous place on the beach in Fairfield, Connecticut, and with the blast we had when we were together last week I decided to offer to take care of Elizabeth rather than have Mary send her away to a local kennel. I would spend my nights there and pop in all day as needed to keep her happy and feeling at home.
Last Sunday here in Connecticut the weather was perfect for taking advantage of my friend Mary’s private beach. Barbara and I both agreed that this would make for the perfect opportunity to introduce Violet to the beach. We would venture out for an afternoon delight, meeting up with Mary and her dog Elizabeth Taylor. We took a football--yes, you read that right--some chairs, a bottle of rosé, and planted ourselves right in the middle of what was a quiet day at the beach. The wind was blowing and the sun felt warm on our skin - isn't it always great to be out on the beach with some friends, a glass of wine, and a comfortable beach chair?
In The Garden
I've had the pleasure to be on the Martha Stewart Living Radio Show on Sirius Satellite several times over the last year and I must say, "I love doing radio!" The show's host, Mario Bosquez, is the nicest guy you'd ever want to meet and having the pleasure to sit down with him is always a treat. That said, Mario has the silkiest voice you ever did...Read more
A full week with appearances and lectures throughout Connecticut and Miss Violet was right there next to me. Now 16 weeks old and still growing, Violet is using her voice quite a bit these days and I’m referring to it as the "terrible twos." She has officially earned her nickname as “barkenheimer.” "Bark, bark, bark, bark, look at me, I’m here, bark, bark, bark, look at me I’m over here now" and the ever-so-often "bark, bark, bark let me in that bathroom or else!
It's A Dog's Life
A story sad to tell - about a little girl Schnauzer that would change my life in so many ways and be part of some of the most important changes in my life. Corky, although only a baby of 9 weeks when we were brought together, would bless my life for fourteen amazing years.Read more
Well this week was another milestone for Violet as she was able to not only go up the stairs but down as well. A big task for a little girl who just happened to hit 6 lbs just before turning 15 weeks old. I’m a proud daddy as Miss Violet also mastered sitting and standing on her hind legs with little coaching on my part. So cute.
This week was a big week not just for Violet but for me, too, as we here at Mar Jennings Multimedia prepare for the Fine Living Network to begin filming multiple segments featuring yours truly that will air throughout the year. How exciting right? As their new “Home Expert” I hope this will be just the beginning to many more new and exciting opportunities with them. They are such nice people and so enjoyable to work with.
Violet was ready for her close-up last Sunday as she made her first live TV debut on ABC’s WTNH, Channel 8, Good Morning CT.
Just like my Mother and her mother would do when getting ready for a night out, they would pack into the car and have their hair done. Violet now continues the ladies' tradition because rather than calling it a "groomer" I have come to refer to it as time to go to the "Beauty Parlor," and that’s exactly what it is: a beauty experience—especially when you take your dog to Grooming By Debbie, located in Norwalk, CT.
It's A Dog's Life
And they call it puppy love. We're no stranger to the song; its no wonder, the way we "ooh and ahh" at the smell and look of a puppy instantly. Puppies offer more than just being a great pet and companion, as they grow through their different stages they offer many lessons in life, death, sickness and health.Read more
Design Details
In this age of consumerism, nothing speaks more to a "green" lifestyle than recycling paper, fabric and other goods that can be used to wrap packages and gifts.Read more
In The Home
Here are the MAR ways it can be easy to be green.Read more
In The Home
I thought I’d share with you some fresh "green" ideas that will not only save you money, but will make you feel pretty good about doing your part for the environment.Read more
In The Home
When the holidays are over, the long cold days of winter have just begun. Most of us spend a lot of time indoors. Why not put that time to good use.Read more
In The Home
Moving can be one of the most stressful events in our lives. However, it needn’t be so if you get yourself organized and plan ahead.Read more
Out and About
While on vacation recently, I had a "light bulb went off in my head moment" while viewing Al Gore's fantastic and eye-opening documentary "An Inconvenient Truth". Though not ignorant of the topic, I had been unaware of the details of the movie and found myself feeling great concern for what is happening to our planet. I began to think about how I...Read more
Out and About
What is the newest and fastest growing trend in the multi-billion dollar per year wedding industry? Why going 'green' of course.Read more
In The Garden
Oh what can you do to create an eco friendly garden? Truth be told, many things as it all starts much like a baby's first walking steps - one step at a time with a desire to get somewhere.Read more
In The Home
You have heard it before, 2008 was a historic and troubling year for our economy. The stock market, banks and millions of investors. The bad news continued to make the news and overshadowed any of the good news that was out there. That said, it’s now a new year, we have a new president, and although things may change for the better there’s no...Read more
My life is full of Violet stories as each day brings yet another funny story with Miss Violet. This week she had her vet check-up with the amazing Dr. Timothy Plunket and we were happy to learn that Violet gained a pound in the two weeks since we last visited his office in Fairfield. Everyone there loved her and could not wait to see her again as she popped out of her travel bag to say, "I'm here"!
Violet celebrated her 10-week birthday on Friday and she did it with style. With all the movies nominated I needed to do “quick catch-up movie madness” and who better to join me – Violet! That 's right my dog. We ventured out to The Reader, Slum Dog Millionaire, Doubt, and something light: Confessions of a Shopaholic.
Design Details
Weddings: a 160 billion dollar business! Wow, now that's worth learning more about. Today the average wedding in America costs around $29,000.00 and with so many different resources it’s no wonder we don't know where to start.Read more
In The Home
If you have a fireplace in your home you know just how wonderful and romantic they can be around this time of year. The aroma of fire burning brings back fond memories and always reminds me of those lazy nestling days gone by. My friends and schnauzer will tell you that I light my fireplace whenever possible from November to MARch, as all I need...Read more
It’s been almost a week with my new baby schnauzer Violet, and today I took advantage of the beautiful weather that we had here in Connecticut to have her discover what Life On Mar’s is all about: the garden. Oh, what kind of gardener would I be if a proper introduction and tour were not part of the overall experience?
Last night I returned from Washington, D.C with my little buddle of love, Violet Von Annabelle Rose Schhnorkenheimer; she just turned 8 weeks on Friday. She curled up on my lap in the car, and awoke just as I arrived back in Connecticut. My doorway was filled with balloons and a “welcome home” sign that my neighbors Dave and Kate added while I was gone. What a wonderful welcome: touching and celebratory.
The doggy beds are monogrammed, the water bowls are new, the homemade cookies are baked, new collars have arrived and the toy box is full with playful, squeaky newness. I'm just a proud daddy with so much love bursting inside!
Did I get your attention? Yes, it’s true. The Jennings household is expanding and soon to include an adorable bundle of love named Violet Annabelle Rose Von Schnorkenheimer.
Welcome to the new!
Out and About
Although we sometimes had help, we were required to help ourselves first. What I mean by this is that I had to make my own bed; I had to vacuum, wash the car and shovel the snow. I had to set the table, which is where I learned that I liked the table to be beautiful. I now call this “table art”.Read more
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FIVE things you may not realize you do!Read more
Out and About
I am lucky to have some new neighbors, Kate and Dave who have reminded me of what a relief it is to meet charming people.Read more
Out and About
While these suggestions aren't going to help you get your financial house in order, they may give you a little boost to keep you going.Read more
Out and About
No matter where I've traveled I try to discover the nearest Starbucks to me, but this hometown coffee experience would be marked as one of the most memorable coffee days yet.Read more
Out and About
On a recent visit to New York City I found a woman's designer wallet on the ground while picking up my car...Read more
Out and About
This year on my birthday, I wanted to experience one of the world's most amazing landscaping parks from a different vantage point.Read more
Out and About
What...... is Mar Jennings engaged? No, but after visiting Juliska in Stamford, CT I found myself so in love with this store that yes, I could very happily spend the rest of my life there.Read more
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Here are what I have found to be the best times to shop for your home and lifestyle needs.Read more
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I’m a guest in someone’s home and the toilet overflows when I flush: Don’t panic. Every toilet has a shut off valve located behind the bowl. Simply find it and turn it off. Put the toilet seat down...Read more
Out and About
When I was growing up, I was blessed to have a family that kept me in line and were always looking to perfect my social skills.Read more
Out and About
As a former competitive figure skater, I'm eager to share my passion for skating with friends and neighbors and assure them that I could still pull off a double toe loop!Read more
Out and About
In today's complex marketplace, product advantage is fleeting. It's no longer what you sell but rather, how you sell it that is vital to bridge the gap between product and service.Read more
Out and About
As any well-dressed man will tell you, the handkerchief completes the overall look and feel of any dress attire.Read more
Out and About
I recently had on the show Wildlife Rehabilitator, Linda Milardo showing me what we can do if we discover squirrels, opossums or skunks in our home.Read more
Out and About
Over the years, I have become an expert at successfully packing for a business trip or vacation.Read more
Design Details
November is my favorite time to create something spectacular with these "spent" flowers becoming the inspiration for my November Bouquet.Read more
Design Details
It always surprises me how many people never think about how to set the tone with curb appeal.Read more
Out and About
Summertime is the height of the wedding season and the time of year when I get a lot of requests for help in planning weddings not to mention invitations.Read more
Design Details
Mar shows you six easy steps to get the job done.Read more
Design Details
Just as dress rehearsals are a must for any show about to open, so is staging a home before putting it on the market.Read more
Design Details
This is a simple, fun project that is fast to do. Not that you will ever need an incentive to open a new bottle of wine...Read more
Design Details
This season when entertaining dinner guests, why not add a whimsical garden touch to your holiday table setting?Read more
Design Details
Is it really necessary to have a kitchen that is as large, or often larger than the average American home?Read more
Design Details
I love climbing and flowering vines of all kinds. I very much wanted to grow some varieties up my eight foot fence in my back yard.Read more
Design Details
These fun additions to our garden beds come in either wood, metal or copper. They add height and architectural detail to otherwise low garden areas.Read more
Design Details
Every early spring, I bring in some good-sized dramatic flowering branches from my garden. And you can too. It's easy and what a wonderful way to add color to your home.Read more
Design Details
Paying close attention to details has always been my expertise. Having these few simple reminders helps you stay motivated and focused.Read more
It's A Dog's Life
I’ve come up with 10 ways to show your dog exactly how much you love him or her.Read more
It's A Dog's Life
I believe that over time, a dog can take on the good or bad habits of its owner or the environment in which it lives.Read more
It's A Dog's Life
Having a small dog or cat comes with the great opportunity and pleasure of traveling together.Read more
It's A Dog's Life
These are some of the things I personally did and recommend when training a new puppy.Read more
It's A Dog's Life
One upon a time there was a beautiful little Schnauzer (me) that was born with high hopes for a wonderful and meaningful life.Read more
It's A Dog's Life
Nothing is more heartwarming than watching your dog doze off to sleep after a hard day protecting you and your home.Read more
It's A Dog's Life
Let's start with fashion "faux paws". As pet owners we should know and live by these basic rules.Read more
It's A Dog's Life
Made with 100% organic ingredients, this will be an easy recipe that will delight any dog.Read more
It's A Dog's Life
There is no better way to show your pet how much you love them than to cook for them.Read more
Garden Studio
Moonlight, twilight, and now Marlight, with my MAR-Light bouquet-in-a-glass.Read more
Garden Studio
I get a lot of enjoyment from my terrariums as they are intriguing to guests who always find them interesting and beautiful.Read more
Garden Studio
As all my garden winter chores end, I find myself seeking a project that rewards me with color and interest in my home throughout the cold winter months.Read more
Garden Studio
I, for one, want to enjoy keepsakes and that means using them and not hiding them in a closet or cupboard.Read more
Garden Studio
Over the years I refined my process only to be trumped by Clover, a clever pom pom maker manufacturer.Read more
Garden Studio
I love this project, and you too will see just how simple and fun this project is to do.Read more
Garden Studio
Weather vanes add so much interest to the total look of a house. Antique weather vanes are collector's items and can be centuries old.Read more
Garden Studio
I went to tag sales, estate sales and even live actions in hopes of finding some poor old shutters in need in need of new life.Read more
Garden Studio
Although inexpensive orchids are never much to look at in the store, they have great potential for a lot of creativity and style.Read more
Garden Studio
My moss ball collection has grown over the years as I have found that the addition of the green color and texture can highlight almost any room in the home.Read more
Garden Studio
Usually when given roses, our first reaction is to put them in a vase with water. Here are some suggestions for presenting your roses in an elegant display.Read more
Garden Studio
One of the earliest illustrations of a potting shed structure appeared late in the 1600's in a German volume on farming and gardening by W. H. von Hohberg.Read more
In The Home
Mari's Madeleine cookie recipe was a big hit on the show not to mention my production team could not get enough of them.Read more
In The Home
For years I have been saying to Corky, my miniature schnauzer, “Do you want a cookie?” And lately I find that it’s my turn to also want a delicious cookie as a treat.Read more
In The Home
This is a family recipe that I've been making for as long as I can remember. It's a delicious lunch meal the next day.Read more
In The Home
Several years ago on a cool fall afternoon, after carving several pumpkins, I felt inspired to do something tasty with all the seedsRead more
In The Home
A wonderful and different way to get a serving of vegetables. I hope you too enjoy them!Read more
In The Home
No matter what people may say about meatloaf – this is one fabulous recipe to share with your family and friends.Read more
In The Home
Using only the beet greens this recipe is fast and delicious that will have everyone asking for more.Read more
In The Home
Mar guarantees that this is one tasty Thanksgiving stuffing that will definitely get gobbled up.Read more
In The Home
This cake is always a hit and is often the dessert of choice for ceremonial occasions, particularly, anniversaries and birthdays.Read more
In The Home
This pie is topped with flaky and delicious puff pastry which is available in the frozen food section of most grocery stores.Read more
In The Home
A well-stocked pantry gives you the opportunity to create a meal on demand, says Holistic Nutritionist Geri Zatcoff, my good friend and regular contributor to the show.Read more
In The Home
Red meat. We love it. With a few stipulations, we can enjoy a little red meat and stay healthy too. Here’s what she had to say about eating, cooking and enjoying red meat.Read more
In The Home
I had the pleasure and the delight to have Margaret M. Johnson on the show teaching me her dessert recipe using Celtic Crossing liqueur.Read more
In The Home
Margaret M. Johnson is a noted cookbook author and journalist. I had the pleasure and the delight to have Margaret on the show teaching me her dessert recipe using Celtic Crossing liqueur.Read more
In The Home
Kerry Brock is a mother and a fabulous cook. Her recipe - something she calls her trademark "Brock Choy" uses Asian greens.Read more
In The Home
The variety of cheeses available today is endless. With such a volume of resources and choices, even the most ardent cheese lover may be overwhelmed at the cheese counter.Read more
In The Home
After years of asking and begging Patti for her salad recipe she finally broke down and gave it to me.Read more
In The Home
This very simple recipe can be altered a thousand ways to suit either the season or your individual tastes.Read more
In The Home
Here is my good friend Wendy’s recipe that is one of the most simple, yet elegant desserts I've ever made.Read more
In The Home
This is an excellent recipe for cupcakes that is easy to make and a fun activity to do with the whole family.Read more
In The Home
The combination of lamb with these wonderful vegetables makes a soul warming dish which can be served over mashed potatoes, noodles, or just by itself with a big piece of crusty bread.Read more
In The Home
Over the years I have discovered and perfected my lasagna to complement a meal and not overwhelm it.Read more
In The Garden
It's a matter of taste for everyone on how you choose the decorate, of course, but I like keeping my decorations in line with all winter holidays.Read more
In The Garden
Want to start your garden design? Begin with the boxwood. People are often surprised that I have over a hundreds that surround my home. One might think with all these boxwood I would have a garden as far as the eye can see, but in fact, it's less than a quarter acre.Read more
In The Garden
Today, being a gardener means so much more than planting and tending. Once a gardener always a gardener, I say.Read more
In The Garden
Early spring is the perfect time to jumpstart the flowering season, and what better way than a powerful display of bulbs in the garden.Read more
In The Garden
This is what you will find me doing throughout the year to ensure that my garden remains healthy and vibrant.Read more
In The Garden
Have no fear, Mar is here with a multitude of ideas to clue you in that "it's not too late to….and it’s never too early for…."Read more
In The Garden
The holidays are over and many of us have begun, thankfully, to remove all signs of Christmas past. That said, this year I found a creative solution for my now tired holiday door wreath.Read more
In The Garden
The leaves are gone and the days are short. Now is the perfect time to start planning, modifying and/or editing your garden design.Read more
In The Garden
I have come to believe that the career of a gardener should begin and end with containers. My Grandmother taught me this early on when I first expressed interest in her garden. I was just a small boy when she gave me a small terracotta container as an introduction to the world of gardening.Read more
In The Garden
Maximizing the amount of time I can enjoy my garden has proven to be an easy task. How you might ask?Read more
In The Garden
This year, I came up with a creative solution to this frustrating recurring problem. It’s simple, and I have to ask myself, why I did not come up with this idea sooner.Read more
In The Garden
The enduring love I have for my hydrangeas has become one of my most treasured relationships and continues to grow year after year.Read more
In The Garden
No matter how hassle free a rose is supposed to be, remember that putting some time and energy into your roses will increase the number of blooms, prevent diseases and fungus, and improve the beauty of the display.Read more
In The Garden
A list of annuals that need little or no deadheading.Read more
In The Garden
A list of plants that rabbits tend to avoid in your garden.Read more
In The Garden
You find yourself at the garden center and you don't know where to start.Read more
In The Home
Wondering what you should be wrapping to put under the tree this year? Not to worry - just in time for holiday shopping I'm revealing this years Mar's Must Haves.Read more
In The Home
No matter where one looks today, one can't help notice that our times are changing and that there is never enough eco-friendly alternatives to better mother earth.Read more
In The Home
Now more than ever people are discovering the benefits to dining in. In fact, it's becoming a year-round trend.Read more
In The Home
I often get asked to Barbeque parties - lucky me - and while they are always fun and enjoyable, people always ask me what I would do differently.Read more
In The Home
Just some savvy twists on the traditional approaches will make your 4th of July gathering remembered by everyone.Read more
In The Home
Now that Mother’s Day has passed, it’s time to turn our attention to Dad. This year what could we possibly do differently that hasn’t already been done before?Read more
In The Home
Whether you call her Mom, Mum, Mother, Mamma, Mere, Madre or Mummy, the connection to this figure in our lives is universal.Read more
In The Home
If asked, my friends would tell you that I'm a "poofer" from way back. Recently during a weekend visit with friends in Southampton, I noticed that I was, perhaps, the only one of our rather large group of house guests that took the time to poof the cushions of the chair or sofa I was sitting in.Read more
In The Home
Valentine’s Day is not only about intimate personal relationships, it’s about showing those you love that you care. So, even if you don’t currently have a “love” interest, you can ignite the spirit of passion through a friendly, loveable gesture.Read more
In The Home
Here it is. My list of "must haves" for 2007. This year I’m even more excited about my top five picks. This is never an easy task, but boy do I have fun deciding which ones make the cut. Trying out all the items under consideration isn’t bad either! So here goes....drum roll please. Get one or get all five. Either way I’m sure that soon they will...Read more
In The Home
Knowing this ahead of time will help minimize the stress and help you better prepare for what is to come.Read more
In The Home
There is no place like home for the holidays. The nostalgia and romance of Christmas is something most of us have felt as both children and adults.Read more
In The Home
I recently had a great idea while drinking a Coke in a vintage bottle. I loved the look and feel of the bottle; so, I created a liquid soap dispenser.Read more
In The Home
Come January 31st, it’s time to say goodbye to holiday wreaths, trees and what not and get on with it. In my opinion, holiday decorations are for just that, the holidays and not for weeks and weeks or even months.Read more
In The Home
Bathrooms take a beating and all the activity and humidity causes wallpaper to peal and paint to dull. No wonder the bathroom is the most frequently remodeled room in the house.Read more
In The Home
Homeowners are always looking for creative ideas for improving their property values with minimal cost... getting more bang for the buck as it were...Read more
In The Home
I know! I know I'm not the only one that enjoys buying new things; a new house, a new car, shoes, and let's not forget my personal favorite, garden items...Read more
In The Home
I created the following list after contemplating the many little (and not so little) things that make life exciting and fun.Read more
In The Home
You can create a beautiful topiary for your home that is fresh, festive and full of color and texture this winter season.Read more
In The Home
I love a good martini, don't you?Read more
In The Home
I created this incredibly easy summer drink to help cool down from those hot summer days.Read more
In The Home
Now that I'm all grown up and have a home of my own, I am reminded of my grandmother's love of ironing and honor her memory with every stroke.Read more
In The Home
Sometimes, especially during the winter, I'll find myself with an empty urn. This particular time, I added some magazines.Read more
In The Home
Sometimes I like to invent new and fun ways to use votive candles.Read more
In The Home
Long lasting and vibrantly colorful, an amaryllis is so much more than a holiday bulb.Read more
In The Home
Whether it's in my garden or in my house, you'll always find a topiary within view.Read more
In The Home
This is an excellent way to introduce an easy responsibility to children.Read more
In The Home
We spend so much time and effort preparing the meal, we forget all about the importance of the table. At the last minute, we scatter to find the placemats, napkins, glasses and table accessories before sitting down to a well-cooked meal. Many of us spend all the time on the presentation and totally forget about the meal burning in the kitchen.Read more
In The Home
Entertaining for a party or a meal is one thing, but having overnight guests is a whole other experience in itself. Family members may come and go, but it is our true friends whom we invite to stay with us who put us to the test. Having a family member over repeatedly is a simple, routine affair. They quickly make themselves comfortable and soon...Read more
My property was created by a subdivision in 1921 and left untouched until 1995. R. B. Benson and Co. purchased the land and started building in 1996. I was the first owner to ever live here when I purchased it in June.Read more