The sky’s the limit

Every Wednesday I work at the FOXCT corporate offices in Hartford, and while making some calls for a Northeast Living segment I spoke with a woman named Renee who asked me “Are you the Mar Jennings?” Needless to say she was an avid follower and always looks forward to watching me on TV and receiving my e-mail blast. I of course thanked her—how sweet it was of her to say such things.

Earlier in the week I received an e-mail from a Better TV viewer who complimented me for the wonderful content I provide their viewers. She went on to post a five star rating on Amazon regarding my book, and when I read it…gosh, I was touched. I also learned that 21 reviews on Amazon all rated Life On Mar’s, A Four Season Garden with five stars. WOW, thanks all for that!

So two compliments in one week—what does that mean? You all know how much I love the number “2” right? So I dug deep to find the message, only to watch it unfold last night as I witness the sunset while sitting on the beach having a picnic dinner with friends. The sky was a rainbow of colors; indescribable. The complex and powerful beauty was calming, yet moving as somehow I saw a window to those people I have loved and lost. In particular Edward Smith, who, with his wisdom, helped redirected me to focus on what I really was meant to be doing in life. Watching the sun set validated my journey. It was a reminder that my foundation and successes come from being approachable, caring and talking to others—not at them—and being open to new ideas and opportunities.

I dedicate this blog to those wonderful people who have inspired me over the years. And all of you. It’s amazing how good friends, a cocktail, dining al fresco and the power of a sunset can show you the way. The sky’s the limit and I’m grateful that I can see the light.