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Talent Shows – so share it!

When you work on a team it’s inevitable: their talent shows. Here’s my take on talent: when you tap into what makes you unique, you often find where your talent truly lies. And when you can bring that to your work, then you thrive–and the sky’s the limit. You might not use your talent in day-to-day activity, but when you have a chance to use it there are few things as fulfilling.

Last night I was able to attend the annual Douglas Elliman Talent Show. (I really love that this company provides such terrific inspiration for its team members.) My colleague Elayne Cassara-Uva was performing–and boy did she do an incredible job! She makes me proud every day, and last night it was so terrific to see others be so enraptured by her performance. (Click here to see a clip of her performance and hear that voice–it deserves to be heard!)

The Talent Show was held at 54 Below, the famous performance space beneath the old Studio 54 (now itself a Broadway venue.) The list of famous names who have performed there contains such “who’s who” Broadway names as Patti Lupone, Ben Vereen, Christine Ebersole, Michael Feinstein, Matthew Morrison, and Lorna Luft. With such talent, it’s no wonder this cool space is lovingly referred to as “Broadway’s living room.” Getting a gig on that stage is a lifetime goal for most performers, so the setting was special in and of itself. And Elayne more than lived up to the venue’s history; she was a standout to be sure.

She’s also a living example of the joy that can happen when you embrace your gifts.

Whether you’re a gardener at heart, a movie trivia buff, a singer, a painter, or a rock collector, follow your passion. You don’t have to be a landscaper, write a film column, become a Grammy winner, a Rembrandt or a jeweller to do so–and you might waste time waiting. Simply include your passion in what you do every day and bring it to the world. Embrace your gifts–and let it shine in the present. It can even make your current job more rewarding.

What’s aMARzing about my team is that they each have their talents, and we include them in what we do in addition to my own Casual Luxury skills. Yvonne has her architect’s degree. Elayne is a licensed stager. Melissa is a designer. And more! We don’t conform to a simple definition of what the job is. By using our talents and passions we enhance the job–and each other.

What gift are YOU sharing? More importantly, what gift might you be hiding?


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