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A star is born

This title of course will make you think of the 1954 classic movie with Judy Garland and James Mason, or perhaps the somewhat less-stellar 1976 version with Barbara Streisand. Maybe some of you see the word “star” and think of those Hollywood Boulevard “Walk of Fame” stars that pay tribute to over 2000 artists who have made significant contributions to film, radio, television, theatre and the recording industries? (Did you know that the first Walk of Fame star was actually placed on February 9th, 1960, to honor the lovely Joanne Woodward, also from Westport, Connecticut?) In today’s busy world we see the word star in so many ways, yet we only hear of earning a star as a tribute to the very famous. And although I may have not earned such a prestigious honor (yet) I too have perhaps earned a star in other ways. Wait, hear me out, it may not be for the same reasons as Joanne, but truth be told I believe at one time or another we have all earned our star. For example, taking care of our elderly parent, loving someone till death you do part, or perhaps raising a family – all things that are award-worthy, so in my mind are worthy of a star. After all, we are no strangers to getting them as a “gold star” embellished some of our earliest school days as a form of representing excellent work.

That said, recently knowing I was going to paint my home I began looking at ways to redesign my accent window that is prominently displayed just above my front door entranceway – a real focal point to my home and it’s curb appeal. Rosebrook Gardens continues to bloom in many ways and this new design was inspired by a home I visited years ago while on a garden tour, and also by my new railing designs. I made a mental note of its design and returned to sketch my own inspiration and use of it. I knew that some day the time would come for it to grace my home, I just never new it would take over 10 years.

My party guests appreciated my efforts last weekend as so many noticed the architectural details of my home and commented on this window. You see, one can spend thousands of dollars upgrading major parts of the home but it’s the little details that make the biggest impact. A star was born giving Rosebrook Gardens its official seal welcoming all who visit. As if to say “Look up, take notice that even the smallest details can be something to admire.”

So you may never have a star on the boulevard or a need to design this into your home but you can always be the star at your home and in your life. And sometimes you need to go ahead and give yourself a star. I just chose to take an extra step but my star is not just for my enjoyment it’s also for my neighbors and all who come and experience the beauty and the passion of my home and garden. I may own this amazing home but I realize that no one ever really owns anything forever. I’m merely taking care of it through the years and hopefully someday someone else will inherit the star of Rosebrook Gardens – and if a memory of me also gets inherited then I’ve done my job by creating a legacy to be proud of.

So now I need not wait for the night sky to be clear to make a wish, I simply look to my home and say: “Star light, star bright, I wish I may, I wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight.” And of course you can, too; you just need to visit that’s all.

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