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Regroup and Refresh

My fellow MARtians,
There is a lot of change sweeping the country right now, and as always with change comes the need for reflection.
Studies show that productive thought and contemplation happen best when we are in comfortable, familiar environments; it allows our thoughts to be less distracted. Psychology Today author Michael Formica reminds us that “The environment with which we surround ourselves is very often a direct expression of where we are emotionally and psycho-spiritually – our global state of mind.”
So whether you want somewhere to charge your batteries andbrainpower, need a place to get away from it all, or simply like to curl up to wait out the winter, here are some of my favoriteCasual Luxurytips for creating the cozy environment you deserve, wherever you might be. Creating your sanctuary can be as easy as adding…
  • A luxe-feeling throw or blanket. Wool? Great. Cashmere? Yes please. Faux fur is also lovely and tactile. (For added warmth I love the close snuggle of mymini-schnauzer!)
  • A scented candle–try warmfragrances like amber, woods, sage, leather and evergreen. (Citrus and some florals can make you feel more energized, which might not be the calming feeling you want.)
  • Organic material–fresh cut flowers, a terrarium, or an orchid–to remind you of the endlesscycle of rebirth.
  • Highthread countsheets–for a soft layer of comfort.
  • A warmlyscented hand lotion–feels pampering and soothing.
  • That book you’ve been putting off reading–whether it’s one you know will make you think, make you smile, make you laugh, make you wistful, orall of the above–allowing your brain to visit a different ‘world’ can be spa-like.
  • Ambient winter sounds–my favorite app can fill in for a crackling fireplace (if I don’t want tolight one), gentle rain (if I want to lull myself to sleep), or whatever my happy place might need to be (seashore sounds can relax me quickly, too.)
Mmm, I think I just talked myself into staying in for the night. (And I won’t feel like I missed a thing.) Can’t wait to see and hear how you make the most of your new (or revamped) reflection space.Self care is important–and you’re worthy of it. And there you have it…
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