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Meet M & M

Happy Friday MARtians! I want to share with your an event coming up that I am really excited about. It is still in the planning stages, so I’m just putting a save the date message out there. You might be thinking about candy from the title, but no! For me, M & M is Mar and Mother Nature. We’ve been best friends since I was a little kid. So, please keep in touch and watch out for more information to come. I hope to see you at my home, Rosebrook Gardens, and share a beautiful garden party and of course the guest of honor, Mother Nature. It’s bound to be a blast!

There will be lots more info to come, but for now, save that date!

Keep your eyes sharp for how to be a part of this exciting event with me, Mar Jennings!

Participation will be limited so watch for VIP invation forthwith. Be fast to respond!

Keep it Casual,

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