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on Tue, 09/04/2012 - 16:27

Sixteen years ago Rosebrook Gardens became my home, and its house and gardens have been the focus of my creativity ever since. Today, all of us here at Mar Jennings mark the beginning of a year-long Sweet 16 celebration of this foundation of our brand—and we’d love to invite you to be part of it.

Celebrate with us by sharing your own personal experiences of Rosebrook Gardens.

We’d love to know:

• What does Rosebrook Gardens mean to you?
• If you could visit in person what would you like to explore?
• Has Rosebrook Gardens inspired a project in your house?

Or perhaps you have been here and experienced a tour? Tell us all about it.

Comments will be available for you to share with others; and some will even be considered for publication in an upcoming book. I can’t wait to hear from you.





Giuliana Franley's picture

So happy to see this--was there in person and it is a jewel--I'd be inspired too. Jealous i don't live there, Mar. Here's to 100 more! --Giuli
Lori 's picture

I love this home and garden and I look to Mar for constant information about what to do with my home. Thank you Mar and happy birthday Rosebrook Gardens! You look of course amaring.
katie's picture

and what a sweet sixteen it is! oh how rosebrook gardens has inspired me to improve my own home... inside and out! i love you gorgeous lady! (you too mar)
Nancy Stewart 's picture

What can I say about perfection? If I ever visit Connecticut I'm coming to Rosebrook Gardens at once and I'm never leaving! Happy Birthday Rosebrook you will forever be young thanks to Mar's perfection on details. I love this place.
Dave Grange's picture

We are lucky enough to live opposite so we get to enjoy the gardens all year round. Particularly the transformation from winter into summer with all the beautiful flowers and colors. Its also a hive of activity so between garden tours, filming and an endless flow of Mar's friends the house have a great vibe, energy and always feels welcoming......
Debbie Karch's picture

The beauty and warmth of Rosebrook Gardens always makes me feel happy and beautiful whenever I visit. It doesn't matter where I am in your home or garden, I am always inspired, delighted, and surrounded by your casual, elegant style. Beau and I love to visit and feel like it's a home away from home. Or, in our case, home away from NYC apartment. Thank you for sharing your slice of heaven with us. Cheers to you!
June Whittaker's picture

I can't believe it's 16 years !! I remember when you walked me through the house before you bought it and said "What do you think?" "What do you think"? I told you I thought it was fabulous and that you could make it into a magical place....... and so Rosebrook Gardens Happy Birthday to Rosebrook you are definitely magical !!
Martha's picture

Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary. "Love is the greatest refreshment of all" - Pablo Picasso. This is your masterpiece. This defines true love - comfort, mystery, surprises and beauty. Continue to give to each other and the magic will continue!
Christopher Panton's picture

As a filmmaker and television producer I am always on the lookout for that one unique and beautiful location that just stands out and screams "Film me, film me!!" Rosebrook Gardens is it. From filming segments of the hit FoxCT shows Northeast Living and Holiday Wishes to movies and more, it has been an amazing experience being able to enhance our scenes with some truly breathtaking sets and designs at Rosebrook Gardens. Mar it's been great and I look forward to filming there more in the future.
Kate's picture

From festive Christmas nights in front of a roaring fire to sipping cocktails under the stars at Rosebrook Gardens she has created memories that will be cherished. Happy Sweet 16! x
Jason Whiting's picture

When we first set eyes on this perfect gem of a garden in Westport, CT, we were just blown away. Rosebrook is a quaint English garden with numerous hidden details and one gorgeous flower after another. The attention to detail is amazing! Every petal in its place, MARvelous views from every angel, and a small treasure around every corner. Simply breathtaking. Rebecca and I never pass up an opportunity it take in Rosebrook Garden’s beauty, regardless of the season. Many of our fondest memories have been made here. Happy birthday Rosebrook Gardens!
Rebecca Whiting's picture

"Dear Rosebrook Gardens, I just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday. With an energy so boundless and beauty so hypnotizing, we never pass up the opportunity to come visit you. With your amazing hosts greeting us at the door, we always feel so welcomed and loved. Thank you for helping create lasting memories for my husband and me. Cheers to another many years of beauty, laughter, and all things MARvelous!"

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