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With a busy work week behind me and the production of LIFE ON MAR’S: The Home Makeover Show in full swing (which ran the gamut from the thrill of demo-ing to the fun of...Read more

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Amercia's top lifestyle expert and author Mar Jennings returns to headline the 2014 Love & Sunshine Destination Wedding Conference & Expo Love & Sunshine Destination Wedding...Read more

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As a professional lifestyle expert and designer I’m often asked by my clients when to go lighter with room color and when to go darker. This s MAR t Tip is all about when to use light versus...Read more

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Have you ever considered the notion that something as simple as a trashcan could be a home fashion statement? Trash receptacles, whether large or small, are a part of our daily lives.Read more

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Over the years I have adapted my gardening secrets to a proven list every season, and they have become what I do year after year. So here are my Fall gardening secrets.Read more