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Hello my MARtians, On today of all days I reflect and pause to acknowledge my blessings, my life’s journey and those incredible people who fill my world with such...Read more

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Life On Mar's: The Home Makeover Show is a fun, fast-paced new series that highlights the top-to-bottom, inside-and-out, year-long renovation and restoration of a family home that is chock-full...Read more

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I have always been known for wrapping small and large items with great style and passion, but this year I upped the ante by wrapping my garage door. This project is simple, easy to do, and will make...Read more

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Anyone can purchase a wreath for the holiday, but other than that ready-made red bow, what real interest does it have? A wreath represents warmth and cheer on your front door that are just a knock...Read more

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Mar Jennings Lifestyle Homes presents, "Gilbert Crest,” the latest in new construction on a picturesque property. Beautiful and tranquil, this home is set on a private cul-de-sac. The...Read more