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My MARtians, you came from all over the state to hear me speak about creating Casual Luxury in the home and garden during my lectures at the Connecticut Flower...Read more

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S&J Multimedia LLC is currently booking dates for local and national appearances for Mar’s new 2015-2016 Casual Luxury garden lecture/book tour series. Emmy-nominated TV Host, Lifestyle...Read more

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Have you ever lost your cell phone only to never have it returned? Most often than not people who find a lost phone want to do the right thing, however when one is found it is often difficult to...Read more

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As a lifestyle expert, I’m always seeking new ways to make long-standing traditions feel fresh and new. For example, the Easter Basket. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love the idea of a...Read more

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It’s officially winter - regardless of what the weather feels like outside - so you can be sure that Old Man Winter is hovering around with Jack Frost at his beck and call.Read more