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Happy Weekend, MARtians! Lately, I have been booking some very exciting speaking engagements. I truly love the various social media platforms I have for sharing what I know...Read more

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S&J Multimedia, LLC is currently booking dates for local and national appearances for Mar’s inspiring Casual Luxury lecture series. Topics Mar is commonly booked for include: Home design...Read more

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There is nothing more exciting than watching the snow melt away and noticing the early signs of rebirth, renewal and re-growth. Any good gardener will tell you that it's all about planning in...Read more

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As a designer (and gardener,) I always find myself thinking outside the box, and looking for inspiration and unexpected resources everywhere I go. With spring around the corner and Mother's Day not...Read more

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A truly spectacular shoreline property on an inlet to Long Island Sound, with breathtaking open water panoramic views of Farm Creek, a protected, open space conservation preserve. This unique...Read more